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Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow. There's a lot going on there! I'm glad you found the remote! I'm trying to get my head around passive-aggressive chocolate chip cookies thing. . . but maybe I should just let that go. Here's to a good week!

Hurray for the remote!
And for the poop and blood. I guess.

Hooray for finding the remote! All those colors in your spinning will keep you motivated and moving forward during the tour.

Oh, dumplin'. Sheesh. Hope things are on a more even keel. The spinning is gorgeous, as usual. And, at least the icky tree guy is gone! Hope your Monday is better than your weekend. Hugs!!!!!

It's like you put it there to test us and we all failed *sniff*

How exactly can chocolate chip cookies be passive aggressive? Damn, I was sure the remote was in the freezer. On the PC never ocurred to me. Congratulations!

Love the colors! I'm glad you found the remote and I almost asked. May your week be free of extraneous body fluids!

Such prettiness in the picture...I love the colors!
Yay for finding the remote! I was sure it would be in the bag with the cardi. How is that going BTW?
Sounds like an interesting weekend?!? Hope the week goes better. Happy Monday!

Holy crap, that's a ton of spinning! Are the chocolate chip cookies at all related to the egg salad incident?

Finding the remote almost makes up for the poop and blood!

I guess I'm blogging cookies today.


Very pretty bobbins. Trying not to dwell on the poop & blood stuff.
Glad the tree guy is gone but I'm even more glad that you've located the remote.
Looking forward to hearing more from Joan about those cookies!

Who did you kill?
Pretty blue stuff. Well, all of it is pretty but the blue stuff is always my fave.

Are the passive-aggressive chocolate chip cookies the cause of the poop and blood? Wait. Don't answer that.

I love chocolate chip cookies, passive or not. Mmm! Glad to hear the remote can be taken off the missing appliance list! The singles look lovely, I especially Ike the brown and blue!

You must be so lonely without him.

Huh. That's totally not where I thought it was.

I love the lonely single one.

Personally, I think the people in the dimension took the remote. They just placed it there so you wouldn't explode and not have more cool stuff to borrow. That's what happens in our house.

Yay! For the remote (not so much for the blood and poop) and the yarn!

That is a serious plying party, and those are seriously pretty singles.

I'm so glad the tree guy is gone and you have your remote. Best luck finding the yarn and pattern for socks for Joan!


Were there weapons involved too?

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