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Friday, June 01, 2012


Of course you have people skills. You'd be dead or in jail if you didn't.

Fun & self care are more important than knitting pictures....for now.

Geez, that taking care of yourself properly takes up a lot of time, eh? Now that I'm off work for a few months I've been trying to set in place the routines to do things that most normal people do & man, it's time consuming.

Never fear, the house & kitchen are still a mess. Knitting is happening.

Well, okay. I guess. If you really think you need to take care of yourself I'll let you, but you better come back here damn quick with a bunch of knit photographs and some entertaining patter. Otherwise I'll have to come out there and, and, er, um... buy you a beer? ice cream? give you a neck rub?

Take care :-)

Seeing the good. . . is the only way, really. (Although it sure does a body good to grumble and let it out, y'know!) I'm sending you all kinds of good juju. You're so totally worth it. :-D

You rock, girl. Try to relax and breathe every once in a while, OK?


Taking care of yourself and having a little fun are the best words I've heard from you in a long, long time. No sock pictures, no spinning pictures, or cardigan pictures needed, just the need to know you are well.

Sounds like you've been doing some soul searching and I hope you can find your way to the right decisions for you.

1st off...love the poppy picture. :)
And then...I'm so glad you're taking time to pamper yourself. Now's the time...take advantage of it. You DO deserve it. Sometimes we get in a "have to do it mode" for to long and eventually have to step away and take care of ourselves for a change.

Glad to see you're starting to put yourself first!

Keep breathing and muttering under your breathe while you knit. It's good to get these things OUT.

Yahoo! You definitely need to start doing things for yourself. Yes, I know there are always obligations, but it's no kind of life otherwise. There has to be a balance.

I love car washes where you ride inside! They are my favorite, I won't go if I can't ride inside one. Glad to hear you are doing okay. I haven't spun in forever, maybe that is a good idea this weekend!

Taking care of yourself is Job 1, woman. And that includes having fun, resting, and doing what you enjoy.

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, sweetie. It's a good life rule.

We've all had those days/weeks/months/years. I hope yours gets better, whatever form that takes.

I'm happy just knowing you're as well as you can be so photos will be the whipped cream, not the sorbet. I know you've got skills, so I wouldn't cross you. Nope. Not gonna do it. Take care!

I am shocked about the car wash - it's the only kind we have here.

You should know how I feel about the rest.


You need the fun more than I do. I'm doing well, thankyouverymuch. You sound good, but exhausted, so get some rest, willya? I adore you (big surprise) and will check in with you this weekend. It sounds like you might have a better support network than most. Hugs, dumplin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding through a car wash is one of my secret pleasures, sadly there are so many that dont let you do that anymore around here in the "we are too worried about litigation"state. I laugh like a fool when the big roller brushes descend all around.
ps do not ever open the window just out of curiousity.
pps yay for seeing the good--and for all the other things you mentioned.

Life just smacks us in the face sometimes, and only then do we realize there's some Self(ish) Work to do. Still, Life has crummy communications skills.

You can knit in those car washes! You're sounding good. And I will take keystrokes over pix anytime If I have to choose.

Lurker here saying you absolutely should take care of yourself...and the post was just what I needed.

Oh sweets. Of course you need to be having some fun! and once again, Margene has expressed my thoughts exactly.. and Kitten also. hee.
as to the grade school hissy fits.. gah. I've been seeing crazy updates from one person, and honestly she is old enough to know better. not even fibre related person. whatever happened to a bit of self respect? jeeze.

Sending big hugs. (Should probably send chocolate.)
As someone who always puts herself last, I admire you for taking some time for you. I need to learn how to do that...

I am happy to hear that you are not dead, and are taking care of yourself.
And I completely agree that people skills and actual feelings about said people are separate things.

They could be tasty, they just need their equivalent weight in butter added to them. + 1/2 of that in sugar.

Now I've got the "hos in different area codes" stuck in my head, THANKS A LOT.

Thank you!


I have no idea what you're talking about and I'm a little grateful.  :p


When you're in the weeds, seeing the good is sometimes exactly what you need to give you a reason to press on through.

Keep on keeping on.

You are good and good to/with people. I'm glad you overheard that and were reminded of it.

I hope the next week is so much better for you and yours. Good luck with the 'phone.

what they said plus more xxxx's

Taking care of you is the most important thing. Well, maybe breathing is more important but that fits in with the taking care of you part.

Popping out of the insanity that is my life at the moment to say that you are right to take care of yourself...working on that for myself too.

I can't get past the diverse skills . . . just making me think (which is very dangerous). Mmmm Frosty's!

Life Is happening, which means you are still breathing. Grab the little joys where you can

I really don't think you are lazy at all. Sometimes casting off the crap that needs to go feels that way, but it is part of taking better care of ourselves, and makes us more productive overall. I'm glad you are finding ways to be supported and to safely share. I hope you continue to find some fun and joy today and care for yourself, and that you always know how wonderful you are. xoxoxo

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