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Friday, June 22, 2012


Get. Even.

When you said smoking, it took me a minute to realize you meant a cigarette. I was picturing him bursting into flames...

It's Friday. Finally!

Thank Amy. You can always take it back. That's what friends do all the time. If he were smart, he wouldn't be up the tree in the first place;-P And, I'm a bit concerned about the plying party of doom. Is that part of the plying party of hell? Hugs, dumplin and it's whatever the hell day you want it to be.

You're a kind and welcoming person, but I don't want to blow your cover. Being crabby and bitchy is more fun, in any case.
I agree with Gayle. Where are the flames?

What Margene said on all counts.

I'm with Margene too!
I can't imagine listening to a chainsaw for days. How annoying.
Happy Friday! I think it's Friday...

We've had the tree trimmers on our street, too. But at least I've been away while they've been working, so I didn't have to listen to the noise.

I have no doubt that you are a most excellent welcome wagon driver.

No worries. Newcomers will just think you are schizoid. The rest of us know the truth. Whatever that is.

From your description on the phone, I expected shorts and a tank top and maybe that it was my brother in that tree.

I'm not even doing to try to defend myself.

Hope the tree demons are gone for good now.

Getting back to the tv remote thing. I took mine to work with me today. So I still say it is in a bag if you haven't located it.

Trying to get on the SOS bandwagon. However, I joined another kal and I have a special request to finish up. I also want to do toe up for the first time so we shall see if I join.
I know whatever you are plying will be gorgeous so it will be worth the effort.

I thought you meant he was in process of combustion, wondered why you didn't post the follow up picture.

Sorry, it's a bit hot here. I'm always thinking about the possibility of bursting into flames this time of year.

Plying! That means lovely yarn! Yay!

I went to my area's yearly fiber festival and purchased not one thing. Probably because I haven't used up all the stuff from the fiive years before that! If I was in the market, there was some great fiber, though.

My nerve frays and fries just looking at that. I hope you can find the strength and endurance for the plying party, sweetie. xoxo

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