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Monday, June 11, 2012


I must admit to being tickled by the socks-on-the-line photo! As for the remote. . . have you checked the laundry?

I always love a good photo of socks on a clothesline. You have a lot of pink ones, not that I'm surprised. As for the remote - did you look between the cushions on the couch?

I'll help you find the remote if you'll help me find my phone case;-P Hugs, dumplin'!!!!

It's in the freezer! Nice socks.

Love the clothesline!

Check the bathroom or the kitchen for the remote...that's where I sometimes find mine...don't ask. ~ksp

Oh, just look at all the clean pretty pink socks! Love it!
I've seen a bird bombdiving a squirrel recently but I can't remember what kind of bird it was...
Check in the bag with the cardi for the remote! ;)

Becky took my answer. OR the pantry. Or in your purse.
What are the socks at the very end with the gold, then red/pink, then blue/purple in the cuff? I may need to know more about that yarn...

Well, I washed my phone a couple of weeks ago, maybe it's in the washer or dryer. Love the sock line-up.

Glorious socks picture! I lost my remote last week. If yours is like mine, it's on the little table next to the sofa, buried by clutter. Hiding in (almost) plain sight!

It's in the bag with your cardi.

Love the socks!
The remote is probably in your sock drawer...

Check your recycling pile for the remote. Probably under last week's TV Guide. Now, can you help me find the beeper that opens my front gate?

Check the knitting bag with your cardi for the remote. Last time I lost the remote it was in a set-aside project bag.

"Remote" places - 1) between or under the sofa/chair cushions, 2) near the phone in another room, 3) near (or in) the fridge, 4) bookshelf, 5) table or chair near a door, 6) knitting or spinning basket, 7) in a book, paper or magazine, 8) top of the TV/dvd/cable box (9-bathroom or 10- laundry already mentioned) - too bad you can't call the remote.

The remote is under the middle seat on the sofa.

It's under the cardi. Dump the container, you'll see it. Or maybe in the trunk of the car. Could go either way. I seriously need to finish my socks. (and fix some holes) Maybe now that the mini-pond is dug? Or maybe after the duck run is enlarged? And the new chicken run? And the fencing around the big pond so we can get the mallards?
An you make it stop for just a day or two? I'm really hoping it rains this week so I can have a break.

Your remote and my wallet have eloped to Tahiti. If the remote calls, tell it I need my wallet by tomorrow. kthxbai.

There is a definite color scheme going here and I like it.
Those purple socks don't look boring to me.

I wish our squirrels could be bullied. We found out our phone and computer problems were because the jerks ate throw the wires. Again.
Then the squirrels were looking for their nuts in our newly laid sod.
If the remote isn't with the cardi, it is with another abandoned project. Ask me how I know. :)

Your remote is probably on the lam with my husband's wedding ring. He couldn't get it off a couple of years ago and finally managed and was panicked, so he didn't wear it for a while. I put it in my jewelry box...at least I am 99.99% certain that I did. Now it isn't there, and of course it is MY fault (actually since I am the one who put it someplace safe, it really kind of is my fault) that we can't find it now that he has lost some weight and thinks it will fit again.

Laundry! Finally. I can't see if you mowed the lawn....

It's.....in a cupboard. Hiding.

Under the couch or in the stash! Nice lineup of socks. I've seen crows and squirrels fight before, it's creepy weird. Who won?

The sock photo is great. Very cheery.

Perhaps the remote has migrated to the hard-to-reach place in the couch that you have to wedge your hand into to check. It's impossible to check it visually. In my house it's filled with Cheerios, lost beads, Lego, and other random bits of toys. I have also found a DPN & a crochet hook in the past, so it's sometimes worth a check.

My favourite part about being a Mac family is that when one of the kids hides the Apple TV remote my iPhone can control it.

Your remote is in the freezer (the real one) not the yarn one. Squirrels I'd guess.


Up here the war is squirrels vs. crows vs. jays, and all permutations of the above. They all band together if they see a raccoon.

between the cushions

The remote could be with that spaceship that NASA lost......

I wash the socks on Saturday when I do the weekly laundry. They hang up in the bedroom on hangers. You can tell what colors I've worn to work by the color of my socks.

I think I don't wear nearly enough pink.

clean socks! I need to do that. Did you check your purse? Under all the couches and cushions? In the bag of recycling? On the microwave? Next to the spinning wheel? in with your fiber stash?

Love all the socks!
Look for remote in between couch cushions. That is where ours always ends up.

Look at all those purty socks! The remote is on top of the tv.... which is where mine always is when I'm looking. :D

I love the drying line of socks. I like the idea of hanging things outside to dry, but alas there are stray cats, we have near-constant pollen, and then there are those neighbors burning whatever that horrible stuff is at the oddest hours.

I have no idea where the remote is. My mom lost her wallet in the house for two months.


I'm rooting for the bluejay! I have a hate, hate relationship with squirrels.

I would check the freezer for the remote (or the fridge, but mine has ended up in the freezer more than once)

So pretty! I am the same way lately, no brain power and I'm 3/4 done with a simple lace pullover and cannot finish! So I spin.

Did you find your remote? If so, can you find mine? Maybe they are in some parallel universe where all our missing socks go.

When I saw the picture I was going to say you were doing laundry. I guess that is close. :)

Good luck on the remote hunting. (It's behind the fridge.)

On TOP of the TV--or in the bag with the cardi! :o)
Beautiful socks!

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