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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Tacos! And purple! How could a day get any better?

Lucky. Even some knitters I talk to don't seem to get it. They talk about how long it took and how hard it was, not the joy of creating something lasting and wonderful with their own two hands. sigh. I guess if it were easy everyone would do it. Love the purple sock and the lunch sounds divine. We must enjoy our senses and pleasures as much as we can. Hugs, girlie!!!!

Talking to someone who really understands and loves finer details of knitting is always a treat. It's sad we are so few and far between. Is it really only Wednesday? It's been a tough week so far.

Purple and pink! How perfect! :D And tacos...yum.
There is an older lady in our knitting group that only has negative things to say about knitting. It's hard, she doesn't like the yarn, it takes forever. She just seems to have a bad attitude about it but maybe that is her outlook on life too. Isn't it wonderful to run into someone who has a positive outlook and does something with it?
Happy Wednesday!

Love the socks, and how fun for you to meet that woman.
But where's the Frosty?

You had tacos. Brat. I love meeting other knitters who just get it.

Wait--I thought this was going to be one of those, "Two socks walk into a bar..." jokes.


Mmm tacos! I don't know about the Jimboy part, but the tacos and socks look heavenly.

Did you save one for Crazy Dave? M said next time he talks to you, he's going to thank you soooooo very much for starting the PvZ craze

Jimboy doesn't sound like a Taco name. Of course, here in Kalamazoo we have "Taco Bob's." Bob is not a Taco name either, but I'm used to it now.

Anyway. So great to find a fellow knitter! I can't wait to see the cardi.

Haha, next she would have discussed the merits of sock heels and shawl increases. Awesome! Jimboys tacos? what a funny name for a restaurant.

It's lovely to meet a real knitter, especially when you're not expecting it.

Oh, and people who think knitting is some kind of magic are way better than the people who think knitting isn't a worthwhile activity for anyone.

I'm happy to meet someone who knows that I'm knitting and not crocheting! And now I want tacos. :o)


Why would you knit without the glory & attention? And where does one find such glory & attention? Hmm.

OMG, you *talked* to someone???

A real knitting conversation with a real knitter. That sounds heavenly. The tacos sound pretty good too:)
Love the sock! The yarn looks yummy.

A real knitter to see your real knitting and to talk with! Yay. Pretty purple/pink SIP.

Hope your weekend is offering some relaxation.


Yum - love tacos. Although I could just eat the sour cream and be happy. Bad Dani. ;) Catching up on blogs and love to see that purple. Hope all is well with you Cookie!

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