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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


How DO you keep up with that imagination? Hugs, dumplin'!!!!!!

It takes too much thinking to keep up with you.

Girl, you spend way too much time in the men's products section. You're not slacking on your training for the Tour are you?

If only labels held the same power of suggestion as it did when I was a kid.

Oy. I think you spent way too long in that section of the store. What's next, the feminine hygiene aisle? And of course, all the associated products near them?

I think it would take 2 Mr. Sensitives and a Mr. Energy and they still might not be able to beat a Mr. Irish Spring. :D
You trying to meet people in the men's product aisle??

You are having much more fun in the CVS than I've ever had...

Mr. Sensitive sounds like a dream compared to the Mr. Crazypants I usually pick from the herd.

Um, it's all soap, so whatever. Pity all the guys out there who've only got a tiny bit of fluff up top to shampoo. It's much easier to just deal with one bottle in the shower.

Mr. Irish Spring has a green bottle, so he wins hands down.

I am firmly in Mr. Irish Spring's corner!

I have a guy friend with short hair and he claims that since he washes the hair on his arms, legs and chest with soap, why shouldn't he wash the hair on his head with soap? Apparently he hasn't used shampoo in years and he doesn't look like a freak or anything.

Nothing wrong with washing everything with the same soap as long as nothing dries out too much or gets weird from it. Not that it isn't weird to wonder* about Mr. Sensitive and Mr. Energy. Does that last one have caffeine in it? and maybe the former has lavender/camomile/unicorn essential oil.

* as we all are wondering

As always, I love the way your mind works. 8)

Inordinant amount of time in the mens liquid soap aisle, Cookie. Though you are raising some interesting questions...give us a heads-up as you amble towards paper products!

I bet mr sensitive has to keep mr energy and Irish spring from fighting every night. It sounds exhausting!

I imagine if they got together it would result in a vicious badminton tournament. Maybe squash.

Some men have very hairy bodies and little hair on their heads, so this kind of makes sense to combine them all in one. Gets rid of the decision of what to wash each body part with. :)

If they joined forces, it would result in marathon sessions of talking about feelings and lots of crying.

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