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Thursday, May 17, 2012


That is pretty! I still love mine, though. Yours is way more subtle. Two pounds? Holy sh*t. Of course, you'll blow through it while I'm still messing around with my one pound;-P I do love the packaging, too. Our Joan is so clever!

But what will you spin for the second half of the tour?

That's a great color but 2 pounds? Wowza.

2 lbs!? You'll be spinning it all summer! What a glorious color! It's one of my favorites!

That gayle is funny!
You could do enough for a sweater, then switch to laceweight and have a coordinating shawl. I think before the tour you're going to need to get some more bobbins. (I think before the tour *I* am going to need to get some more bobbins.)

I'm with Gayle. That isn't going to last long enough for the tour.

That's fantastic. What are you going to do? Incredibly skinny singles & do a six ply or perhaps something more challenging?

Must get my tour act in gear. Fiber here I come. Of course I've also got to clear a few bobbins or maybe the better solution would be to go buy more. (I can just see my husband's face when I suggest that we drive for two hours to acquire more spinning stuff. Sure I could have it mailed, but then I wouldn't get to wander through a yarn and fiber mecca.)

Oh! The color!

Oooo, nice looking fiber...great color too.
I suppose I should be practicing my high kicks (o.0) to be ready for the cheerleading squad!

Two pounds of blue awesome! That's enough to reach the moon, right? Pretty!

Love that blue! Cardigan planning?

I love that color. Two pounds for the Tour? That is exactly the right kind of crazy. xo

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