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Monday, May 07, 2012


Spring colds are no fun, especially when you get the double whammy of allergies, too. I cast on 2 projects yesterday, too!

Sounds like we both had a fun time at the end of last week. YOU take care, Sweetie! And, I cannot wait to see your new knits! Hugs, dumplin'.

You're under a lot of pressure which can cause the immune system to stumble. Thank goodness you had a good rest and I hope your recovery comes quickly. Take care! Good luck with the gauge. It's a bitch.

Pretty tulip. :)
Hope the nasty cold and allergies go away immediately.
Happy knitting! And that gauge thing...good luck with that.

Ugh! I can't imagine a cold and allergies. Horrors! Hope you're feeling a bit better and the knitting shapes up and flies right.

Oh dear. With all of the other crap, at least you should be able to get gauge. Somebody needs to have a stern talk with the universe.

Feel better soon!
(Should we all be buying stock in the company that makes Kleenex?)

Sometimes the only thing to do is have a meltdown, with a nice cup of tea and a long nap after. Glad you survived whatever-it-was.

I used to be a monogamous knitter. I currently have three things OTN and am having a hard time not casting on another thing or four. Oh, well, it's just knitting, right?

Ack! I hope you feel better. A cold is bad enough but to have the allergy thing going at the same time is hellish.
You can always cast on a third or fourth project if the gauge thing doesn't work out.

Oy. Two projects on the go sounds good. Is one a cardigan? (Autocorrect wanted to know if one was a cardiac.)

A cold and allergies? I'd have a meltdown, too. Glad you are on the mend. Casting on always seems to help!

Oh geez. Hope you feel better soon. Casting on multiple new projects makes a lot of sense.

Sweetie, you're always a happy little freak ;-)

Yikes! Feel mo' better soon!

Feel better soon. Hopefully already.

If not think how much worse you would feel if you were me and just be glad you didn't have a 3 and a half hour one way trip to see a doc yesterday. (I did spend 20 mins with her and another 20 mins with some of the specialists in her office. Also I found Mother's day presents for both Mother's {mine and hubby's}.) So it was a useful trip. Now all I have to do is get boxes in the mail.

An old lady cold? I haven't heard of that? What are the symptoms? Can guys get it? :)

Hope you feel better. My allergies have been terrible all spring. I wish I could walk around in plastic bubble. John travolta made it look cool a long time ago. :)

But to be truly a CarrieK you should never finish it.

Ugh, cold and allergies, AND a meltdown for bonus points. I hope you're feeling better now.
That is a very pretty tulip.

Only, one meltdown? Was a great weekend! Xo

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