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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I know! I know! Hugs, kiddle!!

Very interesting picture?! It IS a pretty color... Ok. I give up. WTH is it?? :D

Ewwww. I thought it was a hair piece. Thank goodness it's handspun.

It looks very pretty:)

Hunh. Looks like handspun to me.

Looks like it has some pretty colors in it.
But really. Isn't drowning muppets illegal?

Muppet bird nest?

I didn't know Rainbow Brite was even *dating* a Wookie...
Pretty colors! Turn a fan on it so we can see it sooner.

Looks like you got a raccoon cornered under glass?! Maybe it's the angle...

Pretty! I hope it doesn't eat you.

I know, I know!

The boys used to drown an Ernie in the bathtub everyday, is Ernie a Muppet?

I have no idea...

You spun a tribble?

I thought there was an eyeball to the right. :)


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