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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm so jealous of the availability of tacos in your area. We have Taco Bell and that is all unless we make them at home. Personally, I think tacos are a PITA to make at home and I long for a taco truck on every corner.

You know I thought those socks looked long but was too lady-like to say anything. You know, big feet big...

We had tacos for supper last night but they didn't look as yummy as yours do!
Those are some loonnnggg looking socks. But it is a perspective thing...
Happy Wed!

snort. I'm gonna get me Ginger, too. I like that idea. I fuss over the grammar in my blog all the time. I'm like that. Those tacos look amazing. yummmers. Of course he loves you, but he loved your before, too. Ya know? And, those socks are beautiful. Lucky is lucky;-P No other comments. Karen said it best!

Sounds like I'll be taking Carole for tacos when she comes to visit. My feet are long and thin...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Oh, my. That taco looks great! I may have to hit some of the local taco stands while Larry's out of town this weekend.

I did see those socks, and I may have snickered. But I realized they were ribbed (for his pleasure?)...

Mighty Taco still rules!

Did you know that my first college boyfriend had hair past his shoulders and drove an Alfa Romeo Spider? In those days you did not need a passport to take a drive in Canada, but every time we tried to get back in the US, they took the seats out of the car looking for drugs.

It's a good thing that the socks were not for Connor's size 10 1/2 feet.


When I met T he was driving an Alfa Romeo Spider around SF. Cool story, bro.

I long for real tacos... Up here in northern Vermont, the only tacos people know are either from Taco Bell or from one of those Old El Paso kits they get at the grocery store. In other words, not tacos.

Ginger looks like it could be a great thing for my dyslexic husband.
My son wears size 12 shoes...socks for him are a true labor of love. But he calls them hugs for his feet, so he gets more pairs than my husband or other son who both have smaller feet.

Those tacos look amazing! Now I am hungry.

Tell Carole that a jar or two of salsa and a roast in the crock pot makes lovely easy tacos.
I thought those socks looked crazy long.

How do people survive with Mexican food?

Yum, tacos. It's Taco Wednesday, you know.

Xoxo. Tacos! What dat u sayin' bout grammar? Not nothin' wrong how peeps talk on the interwebz. That is if you can decipher it. Which my aging brain cannot. Ahhh, so it goes.

I kind of wish it could be Taco Friday! How can he not love you?!!

Mmm, that taco looks delicious! (I have a great weakness for tacos, they are damn near the perfect food..)
Yes, saw those loooong skinny socks :D
Play nice with your lizard, leave it be, it will take care of the spiders and crickets and and and. (I would've commented on that post but the comments were closed.)

Yum. Those look good.
Those lovely socks reminded me that I want to learn how to knit toe up socks. I am sure you made the long skinny foot person very happy. ;)

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