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Saturday, April 21, 2012


91?!? That's a bit much for April isn't it?

Breaking news? WooHoo!

Baby chickies and lambies! Reminds me of the old days, when our boys were still boys and I had energy for that kind of work. Good memories.

We have gorgeous weather predicted for the next week. I am so excited.

Was it the guy who fixed your internet problem?

We're scheduled for 100 tomorrow. /sigh
That sounds like an utterly horrible movie. (Though Wikipedia says it was partly filmed on location in Pontypool.) I watched Billy Elliot yesterday whilst home sick. <3

"daddy voice"


I got sassed by a nana the other day at the store. It was a nice but breezy day (here in oregon spring, that means it wasn't raining and any degree over fifty) and she was walking out and said, "girl, where is your JACKET?" all affronted. I smiled and sashayed on. (for the record it was in the car. I'm not stupid, just enjoying five minutes of weather).

It is currently 40 degrees and raining here.

It was warm in Virginia this week but I was okay with that since I was on vacation. I love the photo in this post - it's a beauty!

We're scheduled for possible snow in the next couple of days. Meh.

Pinch what?


Wow. Go to the kitchen for a few hours and completely miss your post? Good heavens. What is wrong with me? You watch the coolest stuff. I had never even heard about Pontypool before. Sounds perfectly awful. I need to queue it. I'm so sorry you've been crazy busy, but I do need to ask you how that is different from the last few months? Is it because it takes different shapes each day? Hugs girlie and that daddy voice thing? I'll testify on your behalf.

Sounds like a couple or three interesting things going on with your part of the world. That is much too warm. I'm happy with the 60's but I know it won't last. Have a good week, sweetie.

I am totally confused about the man and the love and the daddy voice.

We spent yesterday in Duluth visiting Elder Son. It snowed and rained and the wind blew and I am rather glad I don't live there.

Too too hot for April! Sounds like an odd movie. Was it?

But thankfully it's in the 50's today. Weird, huh?

Well you must have been sitting in my car which decided to burst into flames last week. Luckily it was my husband driving it. Oh, he is alright. And that was just last week. I'm waiting for a meteor to hit next. If I did blog, oh the stories I could tell. Although I prefer my rather boring life that seems to have disappeared.
I like your poppies. :) They made my day.

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