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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


And then there is they're, their and there. And good and well. I'm so glad I learned English when I was little because I doubt I could do it now! ;)
Happy sock washing!

Grammar and spelling on the internet are a freakish thing, it's true. It's also one of the reasons I stay away from the Ravelry boards - it drives me nuts!

Oh, you make me laugh. Which is a good way to start the day. Especially this week. Happy Tuesday.

What, it isn't knit, knat, has been knutten? Damn irregular verbs...

Feline? Absolutely. What popped into my head was a lolcat saying, "I can haz yarnz?"

Cast on or casted on?

I wondered if I could just make that one comment and we both know that isn't even remotely possible;-P Hugs, girlie. Hope the heat dries them there socks out purdy quick.

Knit vs knitted discussion has been going on forever. At first the use of "knitted" really bugged me, but over time, it's become more accepted. Not that I like it any better, but I'm not in charge.

I usually avoid the forums. Too much time, and too much aggravation.

A number of these misuses are really quite handy. People say "baggages" all the time at work and it really tickles me. I work in the south and "all y'all" is quite a handy phrase. Also if I can't tell a passenger's gender I use "y'all" rather than guess wrong. My sister used to bug out with the "dyed" "died" misuse. Drove her around the bend.

I get what your saying about forums, but I find avoiding things that annoy me like sad movies or the tv news works just fine.

I knat some knitted socks yesterday, y'all. I used only teh bestest yarnz.

Good luck with your laundry.
You hit my peeves with the knit/yarn thing. Next we must tackle the cast on/casted on thing.

Too funny! I agree with you on knit.

Did you mean me? Thanks!

you roxxors y'all

Sheeps are adorable. That's where yarns come from, you know. And knitted items.

Sadly, none of that sounds really awful to my ears. Just don't ever say "disinduce" in my hearing. I may disembowel you.

Of course, there's always warshing your hand-knitted socks...

I am so happy that I've never heard "casted on." It might drive me over the edge!

I'm always (and by now shouldn't be) amazed at the spelling and grammar I see whilst out and about on the webs...(and this coming from someone who must revel in awkward sentences..ahem).

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