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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Happy Thursday to you too!

I think Rick Santorum will be the ruining of this nation if he has his way. Also, yay for Buddy Holly. Sorry about all the internet issues, it's so draining to deal with that kind of crap.

Sorry for the connectivity issues - we could wrangle a mob if you need one. Holy cell phone usage! I am impressed.

Hooray, you're sort of there! At least the cell phone works very well.

When are they going to cave to demand and allow little heart symbols on license plates? That'd give you another letter's room to play with.

74.5 hours and the billing cycle ends in two days.

But a few of those hours were talking to the sales tax folks in Albany. Other than that, I have no idea.

Put me down for 70 of your 74.


Lmao @ 82.6 hours. Thinking that wasn't a whole lot until I remembered I only buy 400 minutes a month.

I totally wouldn't have known that HKTY was hello kitty without the sticker.

And hi! I've missed you!

Sorry that the computer/ISP/blog platform are still out to get you. Hope things improve. Also my feline pestikist sends a cuddle and the inablitity to type as a side affect of her love and cuddles.

P.S. Cuddle comes with a purr.

I think I can take credit for one or two of those hours....

If you set fire to anyone, please take pictures.

Missed your blog! Glad you are back!!


Hi Cookie! I missed you. Glad to see you are at least partially back online.
Good luck with the ISP. o.0
Happy Friday!

I was trying to find hanky panky in that plate. o.O I hope the ISP folks got you fixed up properly. Me, I'm madly preparing for a Saturday family event at Chez Purlingoaks.

Happy Thursday. Well, Friday now. I didn't hear of anyone torching an ISP on the news, so you must be ok. Xo

I completely missed Thursday and Friday wasn't very clear, either. It's good to hear from you, grrl. I cannot imagine you, of all people, talking 82.6 hours in one billing cycle. Hugs, girlie!!!!!!!

I hope they get your internet connections worked out and stable, damnit.
Wishing you a great weekend, sweetheart.
ps I want to see photos too, if you torch someone.

I don't think I would have figured out ILVHKTY without help. . . I would still be saying "I Love Hockety", WTF? I love those personalized license plates, is always a fun game to make traffic and drive through lines a little more bearable.

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