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Monday, April 30, 2012


I like the fabulous hint. It could come in handy.
The socks are wonderful!
I always check the caller ID. I've got a couple relatives that I like to avoid at all costs....

That is a brilliant idea. I hate the plunger and mine leaves a black ring;-P TMI???? I was going to ask what kind of booze, but I guess that's out. Ah, well. BTW, those socks are gorgeous. Hopes they are for you. You need more pretties in your life. Hugs, hunny.

Caller ID is the best thing ever. I love that extra ring to steel myself for some of those people who tend to call with drama.
Beautiful socks!
Thanks for the household tip. I may need that more sooner than later.

You must be very busy taking care of others. Sending good vibes and good thoughts.

Fortunately, I have a plumber in the house, so I don't have to deal with that kind of thing. But if you'd start burying the body parts in the yard instead of trying to flush them down the toilet, you wouldn't have this problem.

Nice socks!

Caller ID was the best invention ever...

I don't know if that trick will help our slow-ever-since-we-moved-in toilet, but I'm going to give it a try asap.

Caller id? I amuse myself by giving numbers that I don't want to answer a special name in my contacts that'll make me smile a bit each time they call and I ignore. Technology can be fun.

Lovely socks, as usual.

Heh, I have your cell number. And I am crazy, but so far in a good way! :-D

I always check caller ID. Especially in an election year.

Great socks, as always.

Interesting toilet bowl trick. I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number either but Dale always answers and it drives me crazy.

Darn, Cheryl beat me to my helpful tip.

Crazy is one of my better qualities.

Sometimes I like to mess with telemarketers, but these days they are all (illegal) recordings, so what's the point? Better than the door to door political ones, if you bother me at home, i can guarantee that there is no way I am going to be more inclined to vote for your candidate. In fact, I'll just hate them more and tell everyone else the same thing.

Pretty socks. Don't feed the crazy people. :)

Sometimes I worry that you are a character in a work of fiction (or a masterpiece!) Anyway, glad your toilet's working smoothly. I love home remedies.

Caller ID is essential. Our new one tries to pronounce the names, too. Usually badly!

Beautiful socks!

Caller ID is one of the Best Things Around. How did I function without it??? I don't need mystery when it comes to my phone.

Cheryl knows.

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