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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I hadn't seen that new division of Cupcake Fibers - what a great idea!

Isn't the new shop awesome? I have had to make a bargain with myself that I need to spin up more of what I have before I order anything at all from Joan. Dmmit. As for the men? I so understand. It's the domination game, I think;-P And, you will never ever ever get the time you need. You just have to grab what you can when you can and IF you can. Hugs, girlie. Here's hoping for a bit of smoother sailing.

The new shop is heavenly! Of course I am stuck on the lizard. Ick!

I should have texted you when I woke up from that dream last night. Yeah. Check your email. :D The important thing about the lizard is that he keeps.the.spiders.away. Just saying.

Hee. Now Joan is probably going to start getting interesting mail like "Livestock Weekly". I sporadically get weird (postal) mail and marketing calls from companies assuming that I'm in the livestock industry.

Good luck with your lizard.

Between spiders or a lizard... I'd go with the lizard in an instant.

I'd rather have lizards than slugs...

Looks like you get no sympathy about the lizard. However, if he jumps out and startles you, you have my permission to flatten him. (Just remember that will bring on a giant mess, and the spiders will flourish.)
Meat Sheep! OMG. Love it.

Meat Sheep...very cool. But I also think that Joan will be getting snail and email related to livestock!
I think I'd take a lizard over a mouse...
Good luck with the flirting!

Why did you show me Joan's new shop?!?! SO pretty! I cannot buy more fiber, I'm already storing fiber in my laundry basket. Who needs clothes, right?

So true. I was having a bit of that every time I went to get the mail. Yeah, just want the mail, not that male.

Lizard, spider, cricket. Nature is difficult.

I love the Meat Sheep idea. Sweater spin for the Tour? Yay! Me? I think I would have to fake my death to even consider it.


Crap! Now that I've bought some BFL, I really need to take up spinning . . . you truly are evil ;)

Hee hee, I like the name meat sheep. Pretty fiber! It's always reassuring to hear that one has never faked their own death. Creepy people suck!

Why, why, why why? I have no will power and no disposable income at the moment. And I so love that Purple Bougainvilia and Aubergine (and Springs Return and several others). You are evil showing me that. But thank you for doing it anyway ;p

Men. Lizards. Meat. Sheep. This is one heckuva cool blog. Hang in there. Things are bound to smooth out eventually. (Equilibrium and all that.) :-)

I had no idea there were lizards in your county. None at all.

Lizards are our friends. I googled "lizard good" and "lizard awesome" amd "lizard friend" but didn't find a whole lot to back up my claim. You will just have to take my word for it.

Your lizard is back. My brother and SIL's armadillo has returned this week as well, after months away. I have a strange feeling that the groundhog who ate last year's garden is heading my way. We haven't seen him since that big hurricane in August 2011 and I thought he was gone for good.

If it's an alligator lizard I could bring Andy up and he'd catch it in a heartbeat. Of course it would be missing it's tail but beggars can't be choosers.

Thanks for the heads up on the new division. Lizards eat moths, don't they?

Glad to hear you are still alive. I am sure you are knitting socks. ;)
I hope you have been able to keep the crazy at bay.

Wait...I thought men were from Mars? :)

I kinda want to know what he spent 90K on. A house? Car? Diamond encrusted driving gloves? :)

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