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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I swear by melatonin for the sleep thing. And maybe a personal IT boy, sort of like a pool boy but with the Geek gene?


I'm a big fan of sleep and prefer 7-8 hours/night. Hannah told me, when she went off to college and became and expert, that sleep is overrated and she doesn't need nearly as much as I've been telling her she needs. If that's true then how come she spends all her time sleeping whenever she comes home?

Hang in there, sweetie. "This, too, shall pass" has always been my mantra through tough times. And it's true.
Sending virtual hugs.

We do what we can do and when our bodies give out, we do more. Joan knows how to bring a little humor into a tough situation, which means she's a #1 friend.
Sending you good sleep vibes!

I'm sorry you're not getting to sleep. Hopefully you'll be sleeping again soon:)
Lovely sky!

I went through a non-sleeping period...it's gotten better but sometimes still sneaks back and bites me. Hope yours doesn't last as long as mine. *L*
Beautiful picture...is it raining there now?
Test knitter? I think I could do that...

Sleep is NOT over rated. I manage one night in two..............
I won't make any promises about how you will or won't sleep, just say that I care.

I'm sorry. I wish you could get some sleep, girlie. When you aren't sleeping, the organized thoughts thing can go right out the window. I hate computer problems being the total "user" that I am. Hugshugshugshugshugshugs.

I was mostly kidding.

Sleep always returns.

I get the thing about the Kool Aid!


You mean it's not "You suck"? Oh, wait, that's a nice thing.

Were you dying with the Kool Aid?

I'm so sorry you're having all the computer and sleep problems. I could definitely not survive long on that little sleep. Hope you get some relief soon.

I'd be happy to test-knit.

I often wish I could get by on less sleep, but when I have sleepless periods, I realize I'm fooling myself that I would be more productive. I just get foggy and cranky. Hope your sleep gets better soon. xxx

Ugh! I'll assume you've tried all the homeopathic remedies for sleep. Ambien it is then. My friends tell me it works and some just take a half of one...I've not tried it, but you must sleep dearest.

Computer issues, I've got no help there. I just bang on mine and swear. Doesn't help, but I feel better.

Take care.

Fingers crossed you figure out the sleep thing.

I speak your code, have kitties (one of whom needs some comfort but can't actually play with the thing) and prefer small projects. Gimme that thing when you write it down, or call me and dictate.
And what Herself says is true - more and more I read 8 hours is a myth and some people need far less. I thrive on about 7, though I do go longer in allergy season. Ask me when was the last time I got that much sleep....

Gorgeous sky! Fingers crossed on the sleep & computer issues - I've had reasonably good luck with the melatonin too.

I have the sleep conversation with my husband all the time. If I go to sleep early, then I am up at midnight to watch tv or knit. Sometimes until 3 or 4. ughh. We tell each other we will sleep when we are dead.:) Right now I am knitting, listening to podcasts, reading blogs when I could probably take a nap.

Your sunset would make a pretty colorway. If you need a test knitter, I have kitteh and catnip at the ready. :)

Ie never gotten past the teenager ten hours a night. Three hours a night regularly would kill me, I think.

I *might* be inclined to help with your IT issues. Maybe. If you're nice to me ;-)

Things are still insane at Chez Looney Bin, as in I don't know if I have a job after next Friday. But screw it, that's 5 days away!

Here's something totally not sleep related... I've read you for years (always after Joan...it's weird, I could never read your post first and then go check Joan's. A quirk. I digress. Back to topic - I have no kittens. I can read. I can knit. Not sure I always follow you, but am happy to try every time. I think this is a valid quality in a test knitter. Just saying, you know, that there are some souls out there who don't, and you may not want to leave them out of the whole sales thing. OTOH, maybe you do, you being you. Regardless, when you get around to getting it down, I'd happy to test knit something for you - and give it to the cat lovers I know...

Sending you good vibes, hugs, and all the best computer juju. I can handle almost anything. But computer problems just send me . . . well . . . over the edge. XOXO

Well... the sleep issue.. you have so much on your mind right now, but also you may be having the beginnings of hormonal fluctuation which I found to have effects on my sleeping patterns (way back when), that particular issue gets worse before it gets better but it will get better. But it's probably the voices in the head, they just won't shut the fuck up.
I used to work for a neurologist way back in the day and did some research on sleep/sleeping patterns.. 3 hours for a whole sleep cycle, one in which you go through the different brain wave patterns then emerge to consciousness.. now this 3 hour period can also be divided in half and so 1.5 hours is almost as good.
With that in mind... 6 hours is good, 7.5 is also good.
Does that make any sense to you?
Love the photo, pretty colours in your sky.
Cute kitteh with the kitteh toy :D.

Did you get a good rain?

If you've had enough doozies, you get to spell it any damn way you please. Doozy Rule.

I would be glad to test knit...that's a small enough project that I can easily offer and really mean it! I will do it while I am not sleeping (in my case I think it is a menopause thing compounded by stress and generally having too much on my mind). Sucks for feeling rested...great for simple knitting!

I think Martha Stewart doesn't sleep much, and look at all she gets done! Also - look at how cranky she is. Get some sleep!!! ;o)

sleep is for pussies.
and like a cat, I can never get enough.
hang in there, toots

That's what scares me the most about getting old - there seems to be a decade or two (if you are lucky) when you don't sleep, followed by the last few years, when you sleep like a cat. That last part is good, except for the part about it putting you closer to the point where you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Research shows that a large segment of America is sleep-deprived. Those are the people who claim they "do just fine on 3-4-5-6 hours/night". Eight hours is an arbitrary number, an average someone came up with long ago. Sleep as much as you need to but not more. Personally, I need 9 hours/night, although I can get by on as little as 7 for short periods.

Sleep is good for you.

Interesting comments! I hope you're not missing sleep---read that however you wish. Is Kool-Aid code for the red pill or the blue pill? BTW, I have proven to be a poor QA person for my parental unit's pill consumption. 8P

If I slept only 3 hrs a night for a few nights? I'd be in prison for something.

You're not trying to say she is wrong, are you? Are you?!

Hmm. I may need to go TO sleep.

I feel your pain with the computer and sleep troubles. It does get better. I am remembering that for both of us tonight.


Computer issues again?! Damn things. It seems our internet goes down when we most need it. Hope you are well otherwise and getting some sleep. :)

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