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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Have I told you lately that I think you're the business? :)

You may have inspired me to post myself.


I find that knitting socks is great when I'm particularly stressed. I know what you mean about an overfull sock drawer, though, so lately my socks are mostly for other people. I hope the crazy leaves your life really soon, I miss you!

Maple spread! YUM!
Imagine if you were spinning in those waiting rooms. People would be stunned.

There's a lot to be said for the power of sock-knitting. No thought required. Knitting in the round. Impresses the hell out of others. Sending you hugs . . .

You need chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. You can even put maple spread on it...

You could have gone for Two Minute Tuesdays......


I was going to do it (had the timer and everything), but wanted to wait. For what, you might ask? The grand announcement. And, Anne had a very good point, but the problem with 2 minutes is that that wouldn't be real newsy and your 10 minutes was very very newsy. I'll be joining you next week. I have a silk hanky I might just knit with instead of trying to spin. Have you ever spun Suri Llama? I have about 2 ounces and I just keep looking at it and putting it away. Hugs, girlie!!!

ooooo but what happens at minute 11? 12???
I have to wait a week to find out!


Did you notice how many of us did read it all?!?

Sock knitting is good - it brings interest into people encounters in all sorts of places and languages.

Hope to see you again before next Tuesday.

Hold on there - big hugs.

The soup recipe sounds really good...did you add the red wine?
Now this would be a way to actually post once a week. I might pick A Minute on Monday though. ;)
Hopefully the waiting rooms and meetings get over with/slow down soon...until then...Happy sock knitting.
Maple and chocolate do go really well together.

I'm knitting a sleeve in the round. Pure knit. It's just the thing right now.

Maple anything is a cure-all, I believe. xxxx

At least you're knitting and spinning. I'm just spinning my so called wheels and puttering through life as if it were a joke...life that is. I know your rage. Understand it completely. If only we there were solutions to it all. gdith Anyway, sending hugs and love to you.

I love when you're knitting in public and someone helpfully says that their grandma used to crochet too. Right dude. Why are you talking to me?!

I'd have gone for two minute Tuesdays too...but I am lazy.

It seems like it's the spring for socks because they're mindless and nice that way... I'm doing the same thing.

Olive Garden! A new niece to be didn't invite my husband's side of the family to her wedding shower. My sister-in-law had to (!) have a separate shower for us low class folks. The shower was at an OG in a strip mall some 40 miles west of town. This soup may be too high brow for me. YOu thought you had issues. ;0
The soup sounds good and I have been looking for a Minestrone recipe.

Too late. Already read it.
I do understand the appeal of just knitting around and around and around.

Omg, Nora is going to post too!!!!?!?!?!?!?!
You could always knit some ridiculous lace thing from the silk singles and call it cobweb weight.
Try freezing a bowl of that soup and thaw it next week and if it doesn't suck, set yourself up a freezerful.

Stream-of-Consciousness Cookie! I like it. And you type as fast as you think!

Here's what I read: blah blah blah, Maple Spread, blah blah blah.
Sounds good to me.

I prefer denial to thinking about things like endless spinning & plying.

You could always freeze some of the surplus soup - it's handy to have when you don't have time to cook ;^)

But if I do Ten Minutes on Tuesday, what will I do on on Wednesday? Besides, Tuesdays are for Carole's Ten on Tuesday. Maybe we need two Tuesdays every week. What a horrible thought...

I agree with your plan of knitting socks, spinning and making soup instead of trying to figure out how life has become what it is. I have gone the other route and did the pondering and navel gazing, and it did not turn out well.

I remember the first time I spun just silk, and I know what you mean.

I hope the maple spread is helping. I wish I were closer and could help you.


Mmmm, maple spread.
I think you did remarkably well with your 10 minutes.
Knitting socks here also, not much thinking required. Good.
I'm in the "freeze some of that soup" camp.
I've spun silk, not my favourite but then I know I wasn't spinning it like frog hair either.
Hang in there, Sweetie.

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