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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Love the cute boy story. I have no doubt you'll get him trained.
Cute kitteh having fun!
When you start linking to shit and telling people what you really think, be sure to use the name of that certain Google VIP who caused all of the stupid WP stuff in the first place. ;-D

**Happens to me all the time. sigh

Is it Tuesday again already? jk!
Motorcycles out and about are a sure sign of spring. Just like robins. I've even sighted a couple (bikes) here.
All those people who were not impressed to see you? They just didn't know a good person when they saw her!

Glad you're there. You made me smile.

The problem with spring is that I've got to remember that when I go off on a rant about people in the car, I need to check that the windows are closed first ;)

I saw a big guy on a motorcycle wearing a vest over a sleeveless tshirt yesterday. It is way too early for unfortunate armpits.

You need to photograph that counter boy one of these days!

kitteh slept with mr octopus toy. DH brought it out to the living room this morning after she had her breakfast. someone is spoiled.

heh multi-task.

You need to give Cute Counter Boy a copy of The Proper Response: "Well, hello there, world-renowned knitter and designer (name optional.)" That'll show 'em.

I think that the counter boy was exactly demonstrating excellent customer service by recognizing you, a regular customer, for your quick question instead of making you wait with all the other peasants. heh.

I'm with Carole. I'd be very interested in that "naming names" post. I might get a godd night's sleep then too.

Even if you don't name names I'd like to hear the stories.


The world is more likely to end in flames if you DON'T do the People Who are Too Stupid to Live post, complete with links and your real thoughts...
Can we bribe you with wool or chocolate?

I might just join need to start a blog to write a similar People Who are Too Stupid to Live post. Here in lovely NH we not only have the dirty bikes, but the dirty, loud bikes driven by people who think it's ok to cut off a car (or pass a stopped school bus) while wearing cut-offs, tank tops & no helmets. . . I honestly wish we could just tattoo DNR on their foreheads. I'll goclimb under my rock until I get rid of the cranky.

That cute boy just may deserve some handknits.

Name names! That sounds like fun.
Your cute multitasker is a keeper. I hope his employer appreciates him.

Well, hi!!!!! I don't care if you name names and link links, but just be sure to spell my name right!!!! Plus, the pics of Haley kitteh sure look familiar;-P Hugs, girlie!!!!!

You didn't disappoint them, they merely were shaken briefly from their standing-in-line stupor. Also, I don't want you to name names. A) I am happy to be oblivious to the fktards. B) I don't want to know what dumbass things I have done of late.

** Me, too. :-)

1. Sleep is over rated.
2. you are really not a disappointment.
3. Kittahs are adorable.
4. you can totally rock writing a pattern, but make Joan list it so the crazies don't come around.
5. Maybe naming names will release the stress. Maybe write the post and don't post?
6. This too shall pass?
7. xoxo


So glad you were able to get the wordpress issue straightened out the way you need it to be.

Blech! Signs of Spring are everywhere.

That category of disappointed people? They tire me.


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