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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I wouldn't mind seeing the men with white coats come and pick up a few of the people who are driving me crazy. I suspect you feel the same way:)
The sock is lovely. The yarn is so pretty.

The men in the white coats reminds me of that song about the funny farm, they're coming to take me away haha, they're coming to take me away. My mom used to sing that a lot when we were kids and I never understood why. Then I had a family of my own and I got it.

Don't you worry girl, those white coated men have a long list to take care of before they will even have place for you on their waiting list!

The sock is lovely the pinkies are beautiful and as you very well know I have nothing to do with its yarn.

I am glad life is improving and hope this trend will continue.

Sigh. I love those white coats. The pretty silver buckles down the back are just the right touch of style.
Chocolate is good in all forms.

They're coming to take me away, haha! It'd be one way to get a break/vacation...
Pretty blue sock...it looks so lonnggg.
So good to hear that things are better. Saying another prayer that it continues in that direction.

White coats can be stylish!!

Remember the men in the white coats are your friends. ;)

Love the socks you did for Joan. They seem too have gotten to her just when she needed them.

Also isn't Australia opals? Beautiful, full of color black opals.

Is it bad that the dedicated to the one I love thing just pushed Beyonce back into my head?

silly bodyjam invading my brain at all times.

go eat lunch.


Yay for flirting!

What if . . . the men in white coats also have chocolate brown eyes?

mmmm - chocolate (any variety is good)

I was overruled this evening and am being forced to watch Larry the Cable guy. I'd welcome a nice vacation on the funny farm right now.

I often think flirting is better then teh real thing. It's when you get to know people that they disappoint you. And surprise/delight, but the 1st one happens more often. Jaded? yup.

You sound wonderful and I am grateful for that. Love the word association;-P The sock is beautiful and Joan's are so pretty!!!! Hugs, girlie!! BTW, it's cold and rainy here. We had the wind the past week. I've picked up enough trash cans for a lifetime.

You're such a tease.

Yeah, the laughing is good, and if that leads to not being able to stop laughing, well, that is actually one of the better ways to go crazy.

I'm glad this week is much improved, and hope that the trend continues.


At least uncontrollable laughter keeps people from bothering you in the supermarket...
Love the sock!

The trouble is, if you laugh "too much," the White Coats will still show up.

Honk! Ahem. My mom will crack herself up over something , and laugh singularly alone for minutes, unable to stop. It's pretty funny to see. I just thought it was her, but now I seem to be doing it from time to time, too... Oh dear

Mmm, pretty sock. Was just by Joan's and saw those gorgeous pink socks. Flirting can be so much fun and yummmmm with the chocolate brown eyes.

I'm glad there's improvement.

Oh, the milk chocolate brown eyes sound, erm, delicious, in the best way. I hope all is continuing to improve, our Cookie.

Milk chocolate eyes. Yum. I'm with Angie on that one. There is always room for improvement. I think. Although I wonder as I sit here typing and Texas is dancing and singing "moves like Jagger"

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