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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ugh. Is my blog doing that? It also started running ads visible only to those not logged in while I was away. This seems counterintuitive if they now force people to log in to comment. Wouldn't they want the eyeballs on the ads? Ugly though they are...

Anyway. I completely understand. Life is too short! Love the yarnies!!


Love the creature-with-legs. Love the yarn. And if it ends up being the deep end, we'll throw you a life-saving device and get you out of there. XOXO

Hope the test kittehs are having fun.

Lovely yarn - too bad you had to boil the red stuff. And 931 yards of *4* ply? Hopefully that's what's keeping you from going off the deep end rather than driving you towards it.

Beautiful yarn. I hear you on the boiling. I had to soak and vinegar some red malabrigo and it's still bleeding into the water.
I've been hearing bad Wordpress comment stuff. I'll have to go read about what they've done.

My blog went from the easy to read kind of 'capcha' to the really horrible two-word-bendy-yucky impossible-to-read takes-me-at-least-3-tries-every-damn-time kind and I can't make it go back. There should be options...
Love your pretty yarn. Even boiled.

Ugh. I've noticed both the Wordpress log-in and the horrendous captcha -- they're sure not making it easy!

WOW! You used bullet points even. No more commenting, huh? You have my email. We can use that. I'm not up to moving my blog. I guess I could try and find a minute to figure it all out, but not today. I do think I will find time to complain, though. As for the yarn. Both are stunning. Hang on,kiddle. The ride isn't gonna be any smoother and you know it;-P Hugs and pitty-pats.

Blogging is dying and our platforms make it harder every day. What's up with that!? We're getting snow, winter is playing tug o'war, as usual.
Your spinning looks great, even if it caused you undue injury. Hope you find something that makes your heart sing for your next project. Here's to smoother sailing ahead in all things.

Hey, I thought you sent this yarn to me and it is drying in its new form on our extra bed right now!?!

The cooked yarn is a beauty and that imposter too.

I am glad my blog only uses the Wordpress platform but is completely under our control, whew!

While not knitting I will hold my fingers for your things to go in the better direction. Hugs.

Maybe they want all of us bloggers to just go away and stop blogging.

the test kitty is anxiously awaiting her test creature.

the cooking of the yarn is my biggest fear when dyeing :(

I use wordpress but I'm self hosted so I don't know if you have to do that with mine or not. Hmmm. The yarn is beautiful and I bet those test kittehs are having a blast.

I have cats who would test your pattern. I also happen to know a.knitter who would test the pattern prior to letting the cats test it. Just sayin'.

The kitteh toy looks very cool. I'm sure the test kittehs will approve!
Red yarn...love it but kinda hate it too.
The pinky, purply, bluish yarn looks much more lovable. :D
Hope things are going ok in your world....

Woo! I adore Captain Jack also. I hated that Rhys ended up with Gwen. love the yarn, that sucks about the bleeding. Reds bleeding always mean lighter colored reds, which isn't the point when one wants a deep blood red yarn. (I've had s smaller trial of the same sort)

Both yarns very pretty, ugh with having to cook the red, gah.
Cute kitteh toy, I'm sure the test kittehs are having good times, and if you stuff with the catnip.. high old times. :D
I will hope for the very best, for you and what you're tending to in your life.
I didn't have to jump through any hoops to comment on Cindy's blog.??
It's been raining here also, loving it, it also cooled it back off about 20 degrees but still.. it looks like mid April here. at the very least.

Having to cook the yarn. Augh. It's beautiful though. But I love the purple/blue even more.

I hate blogs that want me to have an account in order to post. I don't and I'm not going to so sometimes I leave a comment as "Anonymous" but I hate doing that. Mostly I don't comment on those blogs.

By the by also love the kitty toys. Hope you'll let us in on the pattern somehow. For sale on Ravelry or at the Fairy GodKnitter's site?

Hope life calms down a bit. We miss you, but also love the ten minutes on Tuesdays. I can now claim you as a Tuesday highlight.

Oh hai! Crazy busy here, too.

I think I need some test kittehs (do you think they do laundry?)

Love the kitten toy. Will wait for the pattern.

Will you be sharing/selling the pattern? I know a couple kittehs that would love for me to make them a few of those.

Kitteh toy!

Ack! That color is lovely, but needing to cook the yarn is a bit much. Sometimes Synthrapol helps in situations like that. Also, 931 yds 4-ply!?!?! Amazing!

That is such pretty Polwarth!

You're right, we will know when it happens.

Take care, sweetie!


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