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Sunday, February 12, 2012


The key for doing the cables all around is finding the right yarn/needle combo for the stitch count. I started Sprouting with some yarn that really needed 2.25mm needles, and they were going to be too tight. Now I'm working on 2.5mm needles with some Wollmeise. I'll let you know how it goes but 2 pattern repeats in they seem good!

Hey girl. If my knitting were all about the excitement, I'd be drinking more. It's the end result now that pushes me on with socks. Of course, I knit them in months and years instead of days/weeks. Never mind. They are quite beautiful and you deserve another beautiful pair of socks.

I really like that pattern and the blue looks like Margene's blue sky. Excellent job all 'round.

Super duper socks! So pretty.
Some day I'm gonna try Magic Loop...

Socks may be old hat but they're always welcome when the toes are cold. You did the gift yarn proud.

I keep telling myself I'm going to try Magic Loop someday, but I notice I haven't been in any hurry to try it. I see sock pattern and reach for dpns...
Lovely socks! That blue is soooo Margene.

Lovely socks and legs too! :)

Great socks! I have queued the pattern. The mind boggles.

I'm excited. LOVE the blue and such cute feet! squeeee

DO love the socks. I've got a skein of Rio de la plata that I've be just holding on to. I think it might look great in sprouting and my special someone has been asking for more socks since several of his older one's have felted a bit. I'm going to turn one pair into slippers by steeking an ankle opening.

I've got to try magic loop. I keep thinking it would be easier than two circulars. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. I know that if I just cast on it would work. But I still feel ambivalent about it. I've got to find someone who can hold my hand through the process.

Oh well It's inspiration and I've got a sock I need to cast on. Perhaps I'll just give it a try.

How inappropriate would e-mails of angst be?

Smiles. What you really need in your life is a neurotic knitter. (Me.) Mostly joking and if this is too weird just ignore.

love that color and the cables show so nicely.

Beautiful socks!

Exciting in the sense of roller coasters and new handbags, maybe not. But pretty socks nonetheless. I love that color too, maybe because it goes so well with orange. Good pair!

The socks are just beautiful!! I love the cables!


Beautiful socks! Such a lovely color -- margene's sky, indeed!

I can find the excitement for those socks--they are so gorgeous! They nearly make me feel as though I might knit socks again soon.


careful with washing those socks; the yarn felts very easily!

Those socks are Beautiful!!

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