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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love how they look in that pretty blue vase, such a nice shot of color!

I'm with Carole! Love how the daffys look in the blue vase. (And . . . dust? What dust? I never seem to see any dust. . .)

Pretty picture. Blue & yellow is my favorite color combination and I think spring flowers are the best!
Dusting is highly overrated. And so I ignore dust. And like Kym I just don't see it. :D

I don't see dust either. Ever.
Love daffodils!

Gorgeous. And, uplifting. What dust?

That's cute. I'll send you some of my dust, cuz your mote is lonely, and my house is their natural habitat...


well i see the dust, and i am please to say that the layer of dust in our house far exceeds any that you have photographed here.
i win!

I don't see any dust in that photo. In my house, though, is another story.

I love daffodils - they're so cheery!

Your dafs are beautiful! Hyacinths are still my ab fab favorites for spring smell.

The wild variety of those, the ones we have in Israel with white crown leaves and very yellow center and an amazing smell are one of my most favorite flowers. They kind of disappeared as a result of over picking but now after years of them being protected you can find them in the wild again,,, Yay!

Ah, spring flowers! Love the blue vase. It's a bit early here, but maybe the grocery store will have daffies for sale soon.

The flowers are so springy! I saw some growing in a yard yesterday and it made me happy!

Who would see dust with those glorious flowers there?

Dust? I don't see any dust, just gorgeous daffs! Love the Shetland too, all I want to do is spin lately!


Ooooh! Daffodils sing and dance!


I'm a big fan of blue glass.

ahhh, how beautiful, especially in that blue vase!
I don't see any stinkin' dust :D

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