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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


That is a LOT of singles you've got there. Pretty flowering tree.

Lovely segue. Beautiful singles. I think the color is lovely. Is it as heathered as it looks? Your tree is beautiful. Meds are good. I do apologize though, dearheart. I had never heard of Livermore*, CA before. Happy Wednesday!!

*The giant laser is a bit of a concern. What if a mad scientist controls it?

We're having a bit of winter in the way of rain and mountain snow, but it's still warmer than normal.
As usual, you suck at spinning and the singles are amazing. The yarn could make a wedding ring shawl!

Meds in the mail is a very good thing.
The big laser makes me think of the alien Martian character on Bugs Bunny Cartoons...the one with the broom on his helmet. And now you know how truly weird I really am... o.0
Again with the frog hair yarn!
Beautiful picture!

Yay for cherry blossoms up in your hood! More blossoms please!

Livermore, ah...well you mentioned the top secret nuclear thing. They also have some very nice vineyards out there. Cline has some old vine vineyards that make the most amazing wine. Maybe that balances out the top secret defense stuff?

Sorry about the crazy bitchz, but those cherry blossoms should make everything alright.

Hmmm. Giant laser and crazy bitchz. I think there's a connection there that you haven't thought of yet...
(Or maybe you have. How do you go about aiming that thing?)

Gorgeous blossoms & I'm very jealous. We had snow today, despite the general meltiness of the week.

Beautiful blossoms-- I could try to send you the snow they are threatening for tonight if you really want winter. The weather goddess might be bribed. Not sure how, but I could work on it.

Lovely string. It's so gorgeous thin the idea of counting it for yardage without a gauge is __ umm __ Overwhelming.

Hope your having a good Wednesday.

Yep. Like Marilyn, my brain jumped straight to Marvin the Martian. "You earthlings make me very, very angry!" Seems about right.

Evil pretty pink flower trees. They reel you in with pretty then slam me with allergies. Totally sinister!

Ya know, there's a REALLY good winery in Livermore....

That shetland is something else. :) Lovely spinning. Do you know what it is going to be when it grows up?

I saw eight robins on Saturday. They probably are frozen to that tree because they believed Spring was Springing. HA! not in these parts. We won't see flowering trees for at least until the end of April.

The blossoms are gorgeous...
Those cakes.. not singles. and is it cobweb skinny? it is Most Beautiful!

I can think of some pretty good uses for that laser . . . on a side note, my dad was involved in some of that secret nuclear stuff once upon a time - ooh now I may need to kill people (maybe the crazies).

Those gorgeous blossoms & absolutely incredible yarn will help me survive our latest cold front.

I lived in Livermore and Pleasanton as a kid. :)

You made all this skinny thread up there? WOW! But I would really like to see better its color - I don't know why you say we don't care, of course we care.

The tree looks very pretty, spring, eh? :)

I was wondering how Livermore managed drug city status.

Pretty, pretty tree!

I have been to Livermore. We even considered living there until sanity returned in the form of "no jobs available". Meds are good. More meds are better. Take it from one who knows (and takes a fistful 2x/day).

Well, lasers never really did work out like cartoons. Then again, meds didn't, either.

The new Shetland yarn looks so pretty, and it looks like miles and miles of it. I can't blame you for not being ready to check yardage.

Oh, Spring. I was attacked by mosquitoes this week.


Thank goodness they didn't come from Methdesto.

Want! Your tree, that is! I iz alive. And so is Texas. Xoxo

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