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Monday, February 13, 2012


Good luck!

Love how it turned out. Not quite as pastely as the singles, but still quite subtle. And, yes, good good luck!!!!

And pretty socks they will be! :)

I like the way it look plyed - the colors are so pretty together. Have fun with the rest of it! whrrrrrrr goes the wheel.

Ohhhh,,, swooon,,,, I think I am in love!

What a wonderful wonderful looking yarn. Please, please don't knit it into socks that will be hidden from daylight almost all the time. It wants to be a shawl, I tell you,,, I can heat it whisper to you: girl, girl,,, girl!!! I want to be a shawl pretty please.

Listen and you will hear it too! :)

Good luck with the plying! (I finally finished my plying project...)
Pretty pretty yarn ya got there. Looking forward to seeing it knit up!

Semi-4 ply?

I don't know what most of those words mean, but good luck!

You're doing a great job of not blogging a lot lately ;) Nice looking yarn. Enjoy the plying.

It has already come so far, and it will be lovely socks! Much luck with the plying, sweetie!


It continually amazes me how differently batts look when they've been spun! So very pretty, in both cases but the one looks so bright and the other demure.

It reminds me of spring, and my wedding, as my colors were green and pink. Now I want to see spring in the Shetlands!

Mmm, that turned out pretty and soft. and the yardage is amazing!!

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