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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Wow! That is some gorgeous fiber, there. Nice!

If I did the math correctly...and I question that at this time of the day...that is closing in on 2/3 of a mile of yarn. Holy Smokes! That is fabulous. And fabulous yarn too! :D

Beautiful. Margene has started spindle spinning some Cupcake fiber. I have one more roving to spin and then I'm digging into one of my Cupcake boxes!!!!! Have I ever mentioned that you spin beautifully?

Pretty honkin' gorgeous, that! Gonna be a shawl?

Gorgeous! What will you knit?

Fabulous! You suck.

Lmao @ Cheryl. Love that yarn.

It looks so even and perfect. Well done!

Show off

As usual an amazing job. My first thought was: why didn't she add of goodness to the header :)

So in love. what a wonderful present. And you got the fun of turning it in to a huge amount of pretty string. Does it have a project yet?

I wish I could squish it through the intternets, it looks very soft and squishy. Like when you are holding it, you just know that whatever you make is going to be your favorite to wear kind of squishy. Pretty!

And the spinning machine is BACK!

Pretty! What're you going to knit it into?

Nummy! Well done.

If only I could spin a quarter of that as beautifully as you did.


Swoooooon! Beautiful!!!

You said it all!


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