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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


That's bad, right? I can't really tell from the photo - is it a knot?

You had a very very busy weekend. A thousand yards on a niddy noddy? Bet that sucker was loaded!!! Hugs girlie. I'm headed over to JessaLu's right now. Have a good Tuesday!

At least you're making progress...my spinning is still languishing.

I went, I saw, I entered. Thanks for the heads-up!
And the photo - - ??
Maybe I just need more coffee...

Wait, wha? We are confused.

Can you explain to me what I see there? the only thing I know for sure is that it does not make you happy and that is bad in my book!

I got to Jessalu from the FB before I got to you, sorry,,, I think we should ask her to add a rule about those cases as it happens where ever I go this morning,,,

Have a lovely Tuesday - it is the best day of the week according to my mother and mothers know it all, right?

Count me as another who doesn't understand the significance of the photo.

My weekend was a bit blizzardy. Spent all day Sunday watching the snow fall instead of the planned skiing/snowshoeing.

I'm not sure about the photo either but if you are unhappy then I'm unhappy too!
Heading over to Jessalu's now. :)
Happy Tuesday to you!

Thanks for the mention! ;o)) xo

My weekend was pretty good, I got caught up on sleep but was stymied by technology trying to watch a movie (four formats to watch legally and not a one working!) can the Shetland be split spliced back?

Wondering the same as Kelly.
Went to Jessalu's earlier today, good luck to everyone entered!
I hear it's Tuesnesday. The weekend was meh.

I spent the weekend at the beach at our annual Crafty Moms weekend! This was the 10th year for some of us. I started a sweater. Let's see if I finish...

1000 yards is a lot of skinny yarn!

What is that thing? A hair tie or something? Why would a sheep need hair ties?

Oh, dear. My weekend? Owls and Aunt Sarah duty.


That's a whole lotta yarn. We want yarn!

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