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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Adorable... I have little cousins that age and I too never can resist a request from them. They're such charming doofuses.

You sure are a good fake auntie:)

Sweet...He's a lucky boy to have such a wonderful fake auntie. Don't let him forget it! ;)

Ohhhh,,,, I too will do anything for such a lovely looking boy!
(by the way, did the hat reached the friend or was declared too good to pass on but that boy?)

Love it!

bummage. I must've missed this poll last year. How? wtf knows...cuz of course I would've voted in your favor cuz jeez loo-eez you are one determined broad (duh)

You are so sweet to knit such a very nice hat! I guess the saying is right...boys will be boys! Ughh!

Lol. Oh god, the personal thank you call. Rofl. (Btw you know you're family when they start schmoozing favors.)

You're an excellent fake auntie. I still have yet to deliver on 2 hats & 1 pair of socks commissioned by my own children.

You are so right about the hot potato business. Thanks for the linky love!

"I just knit ribbing until I lost the will to live." Epitaph, maybe?

Love the story of the hat and gracious manners of the recipient.
It is obvious you gifted a well thought out package.

You are too kind. Then again, his cryptic mumblings can be quite persuasive...

I think I should get my money back on the phone and every hair cut that Griff has ever had.

The boy who got the hat has more than 6 aunts, but you are his favorite.

Ah, my son's tried to rope me into knitting hats for his friends! I told him I'd be happy to teach them to knit.

Teach 'em right and teach 'em young. Just sayin' :D

Lucky lucky Carole!! I'm so happy for her. And, the hat? Love it. He looks so dashing (I know. I'm aging myself). You are a wonderful fake aunt. Not many fake kids are that lucky. Hugs!!

Marvelous prize package for Carole...Wooooo!

Lucky young man!! :D

Congratulations to Carole!

I LOVE that photo of Griffin!! seriously!
This also reminds me, I need to knit my Conor his hat. sigh.

He is adorable. And you are so dear.

What? You're not knitting his friends hats now? Slacker. /runs

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