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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oh I love it when you're firing on all cylinders:)

That's my Cookie! <3 <3 <3
I've seen people starting blogs who can't string 3 words together without misspelling two of them. (And sometimes those 3 words also contain 2 grammatical errors, which is an impressive accomplishment.) I won't even start on the content...

Ten more reasons why I don't blog. But I'm certainly glad that you're around to spread the cranky (that way I don't feel obligated to do it).

You're on a roll...can't wait for the etsy rules too! :D

Oh, I can see this is going to be a hell of a year!

How's the weather over there? Heh. I always post way more photos of my FO's than that so I guess I'm going against your advice. Don't shoot me.

1. I love the schmate! :)

2. You made it clear why I don't post too often,,,, thank you!

Oops. But what if my vacuum cleaner is broken? And it is not the month in which I am scheduled to vacuum? /whine

It's been 13 posts since I read your blog. Sadness. Internet is being hooked up at teh new/old house Monday, so I shall be able to surf during construction and between fits of madness. (yeah, I'm going to have to call to explain that)
Hat lovely, Rachael made a lovely scarf/shawl do-hickey, earrings are beautiful. Can't wait to see socks. (speaking of, almost done with one!)

Oooh! I cannot wait for the Etsy guidelines!


Don't listen to Aunt Cranky. I love trying to figure out WTH that is in the corner and mocking your housekeeping skills.

Haha, I love that line from fight club: you are not a special and unique snowflake! I use it all the time. I think more people need to be reminded of that.

xo! makes me wanna go dig around Rav so I can share in the superiority!!

Hey, if I manage ro finish a sweater, ALL SHALL LOOK UPON IT AND LOVE ME.

No. 6 is hilarious! And while 25 sweater pictures are overkill, I have to agree with Carrie. I think 5 is a good finished object photo shoot number! Which means, you cull 5 pictures out of 50 to find the most flattering.

Someone say cake .... :}

This is gonna be fun, I can tell.

I'm no grammar grandma, despite my profession, but I do have expectations I'll read relatively error-free posts out here in blogosphere. It's never too late to learn a bit of grammar, and, hey, there's that spell check service you mentioned! Great post.

Useful info if I ever think I've actually got something that the world might want to hear.

Can't wait for the etsy list.

Cake? Where's the cake?

And now I need to hunt something down on G+, obviously ;-)

O.M.G. Hilarious!

Love! And I'm looking forward to the Etsy list.

Oh, crap. Now, how do I get all those desperate emails back????? Good advice, girlie!

I'm so glad someone is taking up the baton that I seem to have dropped somewhere.... back there.... :)

LOL! Best post ever.

You rock! xoxo

You noticed my bong?! Sorry, I'll move it next time ;-)

But... I LIKE cake!
Loved this whole post, giggling like a little school kid, the glee level was off the charts. :D
Now... let's have it about the Etsy!

Oh, my. Yes, it does look like it will be quite the year.


So true. So so so true. Go Aunt Cranky!

Wow. I hope that hit the mark. :D

But what if my knitting is my undies - the special kind made from unicorn fur and all natural 100% beaver because I'm allergic to wool?

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