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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The scarf thingie is wonderful! Great colors.
The pants are still awol? Maybe your dryer transported them to another dimension like mine does with socks... ;D

Damn pants. Beautiful triangle scarf thingy. I will only click on the first two links after coffee and hugshugshugs!!!!

I love the colors in that scarf, it will go with so much!

Love the colors in that scarfy thing!!

Still no pants, eh? I found my sweater in my closet on the shelf where it should be acting like it never went anywhere.

Sorry to hear about your Rav experience with a bad pattern. It's possible for anyone to publish now, and that's why I'm able to do it too. There are drawbacks.

Pretty! The colors are fabulous.

/makes mental note to have an assortment of people mail cookie random pants next year...

Some rav patterns are good!!!
That scarf thing is awesome. It has every color under the sun but is still elegant. If I tried that I would come out looking like Bozo. Or Pennywise.

Yay! Love the garter stitch thingie - great colors!
And just think, you'll have extra mail today. :-D

I like the scarf, especially all the colors together. Pretty!

Bleh, sorry about the Rav pattern.

shit!! how'd i miss your birthday??

happy more years of crankiness and love

Yes! and the stupid dog didn't bite his bulbul off! Shame on him.

Most annoying! Maybe we should tell those who sell them that we want to return them and get our money back!

Ohhhh,,,, did I really make this thing? and gave it away too?!?
Shoot me! :)

Details you said: My take on the Different Lines in an assortment of Koigu KPPPM - you can link to my Candy project page in Ravelry if anyone wants more details or did you mean I should blog? :)

I wouldn't have voted for him anyway, but damn. Now I will rage instead. Great scarf! I love the colors.

The scarf is gorgeous. (So is your neck.)

Love the Dogs Against Romney. What an asshat.

Well damn! Sorry I missed your birthday!!! Hope it was as fabulous as you!

Also sorry about the pattern. I recently had that experience not once but TWICE!

What a sweet scarf. So lucky. Sorry that the nation conspired so that you got no mail. My kitty keeps trying to wish you well too. So, I'll do it for her. Happy kitty thoughts.

Pants are totally overrated.

But the dog liked it - so he says.
Agree with you 100 percent on the pattern issue.

Love the scarf thingie. The colors, the colors! I am sure it looks beautiful on your mascara wearing self!

Total crush on Rachel Maddow here, too!

I can't believe those pants haven't shown up yet! The garter stitch thingie is very cool, indeed. Rachel is fabulous!

Your welcome

Pretty!! Rachel did a gorgeous job.

Oh, that is a TERRIBLE thing to do to a dog! What a tool.

Beautiful scarf!

Have you checked your suitcases? Lost items live there in my house.

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