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Thursday, January 26, 2012


It really does look like mouse poop, especially the Earl Grey, I think. I've been to that tea shop and it's lovely. Your tin is lovely, too.

Lovely tin. I imagine you had a moment of WTF. I hate those because even though I know it isn't mouse poop I still think I see it everywhere I look for the rest of the day.

That would be all you'd need! Still loving that tin. Hugs, hunny!!!

TeaZaanti my favorite tea company. I have no idea what to say about mouse droppings, but your tin is very pretty!

The lack of mouse poop is my favourite thing about moving from a country house to a city house! Those tins are lovely. Since I'm not such a big tea drinker now, my tins hold my spindle collection.

I really really dislike mice. /shudder. Thank goodness it wasn't one of them nasty critters!
Love the tin and the tea sounds so good right now!

Fabulous tin! What a lovely space for the tea to nestle in - I'm glad it has such a nice home. Yes, I've had those mouse poop "scares" myself.

Pretty tin. I have a thing for cookie tins, myself. (My darth vader tin is the pride of my small collection.) I don't see mouse poop, I see carpet beetles. Anything remotely smallish and dark is a carpet beetles in my mind.

Remind me to tell you the best story about mouse poop one of these days,,, :)

Those tins are gorgeous and loose tea is so much nicer in a kitchen than mouse poop.

Coffee grounds also look like mouse shit, and freak me out on a regular basis. Of course, my kitchen counters are rarely clean. Sigh.

Lovely tin. I will try to stop thinking about mouse poop this afternoon, as I scoop out my own Earl Grey! :-)

Such a pretty tin!

Better mouse poop than moose poop...

Lovely tin!

I remember that tin. I especially love those colours, all fresh and lovely together.
Loose tea=good. Mouse turds=gah.

Blech! I had a similar experience with stray coffee grounds and their resemblance to roach droppings.

Glad you were able to move on from the experience and enjoy your tea!


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