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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Wait-and-see is not a bad way to approach life. In the words of John Lennon, "life is what happens . . . when you're making other plans."

WOW. I did not expect the singles to end up like that. It's really neat! I'm looking forward to the (baby wrap or cowl, I couldn't tell which you might do) you're knitting with it. As for your theme? Seriously? You have a theme? Damn girl, you do impress the heck outta me!!!! Hugs!

Simply gorgeous! I hope your wrist feels better.

Yeah, that fiber looks crushed -- just like you! ::snicker::

Crushed berries...absolutely yummy looking!
And the pinky rose is pretty too. A scarf or a baby blanket?
And socks too? And a theme? Holy smokes you're busy! :)

Oh, so pretty!

That's a lot to accomplish in a day!

When you said crush, I immediately thought wine. My bad ;-)

Lovely yarn bits you've spun up. Is your theme "happy" colored yarn?

Busy you. That yarn looks fabulous!

Will your theme be pink?

That crushed is just gorgeous. Colors don't get better than that in my opinion. Can't wait to see the end result.

"Hats For Everyone"?

I am loving both of your spinnings.

Hope your mood has improved.


I predict Cookie will have a sign in her kitchen that says, "Thanks to knitting, since I've killed someone it's been 32 da.... oh, nevermind."

What is this yarn?

Who knew that crushed cupcakes would be the best cupcakes? Gorgeous colors!
Are you going to make us guess your theme? With tantalizing hints and flashes of fiber?

Such beautiful colours in the Crushed! and that next batch of yarn is pretty gorgeous too.
Theme? You have one? :D
Wait and see. Yes. I get that.
and no, I've not forgotten you. ;D
I'm just slower than molasses in the snow.

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