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Monday, January 30, 2012


Your singles are lovely!
The husband and I enjoy Lost Girl too. The husband says it won't last just because he likes it. That's probably right.

The yarn will be very pretty. Happy plying!

I will look for Lost Girl on Hulu. And, the Hey Girl site is interesting. I do admire the heck out of Rachel Maddow. Have fun at your party!!!

Love Rachel Maddow, thanks for the tumblr link. Have fun plying!

Monday's suck. Enjoy the plying party!

I'm currently plying, too. I feel your pain...

You're up early.
I guess world domination requires wee hours ... and most likely coffee.

Loved the "Hey Girl"! Thanks for the morning brightener.

Great spinning Cookie, I am keeping at it here and getting some pretty good results if I say so myself.

Love the tin as well..I know its from the other day, I am just catching up after being away for a month.

Purty! Purty! Can't wait to see the results of the plying party.

Haha, love the tumblr site! Will have to show the parents, as they loved watching her on msnbc. Pretty singles! I thought about. Starting some spinning this weekend, but knit a hat instread.

Ply like the wind because I want to see the finished yarn!

Have read good things about Lost Girl. I hope they put on netflix streaming. Along with others. (/ahem, Big Bang Theory.)

Am currently obsessed with Downtown Abbey and those stupid Housewives.

Didn't know there were blogging companies that nag you to blog. Who in the world needs THAT??!

Why, what's Typepad done this time?

SyFy has a good series on? What happened, they need something else to cancel?

Lost Girl is on the DVR, so at some point I will watch it. I still have to recover from the l-o-n-g trip...

I do loves me some Rachel!

Plying party? Then it will be a fabulous Monday!


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