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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Look how pretty you are! Yes, both you and the hat!

Very pretty hat, very pretty mascara. I was raised by quasi-hippies, so... mascara is a always an achievement in my book.

I like the hat a lot but have the opposite problem when knitting hats for Hannah - she has a itty bitty head. My mother always said she felt naked without lipstick and she put it on every morning as soon as she brushed her teeth. I don't wear it unless I'm going out at night but I do always wear mascara, even if I'm home sick.

I WAS a hippie so mascara pretty much never happens in my house. You look very pretty, though -- I finally have an image of Cookie to go with the name.

Oh, yeah, the hat. Awesome!

You look great in pink, and in eye makeup!

Oh and the hat is very cool as well.

My mother seldom left the DEN for the kitchen without lipstick.

And I think the pink looks FABulous against the grey/white/what-color-word-wouldn't-put-you-off hair!

Did your mother tease her hair too? I wonder sometimes what the aftereffect of breathing in all those Aqua Net fumes will be...

Love the hat! Pink is your color!

I was going to comment earlier but I had to stop and put on my lipstick.;0

The hat and color look pretty on you.
No big ass hat is big enough to get over my head and not give me major hat head by flattening my curls. The anticipation of fifty degree weather is giving me crunchy hair every morning as my hair is still damp when I leave in the morning. 39 degrees be damned when it is going to be 50ish and sunny in January by midday.

Oh, good; I'm glad it's mascara and I didn't have to envy/hate you because you have naturally visible eyelashes. I'm thinking about Latisse; how's that for vanity?

Cute hat! It looks great on you.

The pink looks awesome with your complexion.

The comment about your mother reminds me of "Don't Bend Over in the Garden, Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes".

YOU look marvelous and I mean that. The hat looks great, but what are you going to do with a hat? Do you have winter in your neck of the woods?
Allergies did in my love of make up. Rashes are worse than no make up at all.

ooh, I like the hat; it's cute and it looks good on you.
I am not qualified to discuss mascara or the intricacies of eye makeup.

Love the hat and love it on you!
I think I made one similar...

I love the hat on beautiful you!


Pretty, pretty! Hope you don't think this is a weird statement, but I think this is the first time I've ever actually seen YOU. You should model your knitting more often! And I can relate to your mother's lipstick-it's my bottom line too, even if I'm not going anywhere.

LOVE that pop of pink on your gorgeous, big, giant head! (And mascara? I don't leave home without it. . . )

I adore your hat, your hair and your makeup. I still wear some makeup, although the mascara thing doesn't work anymore since my eyes just tear constantly and make my face look like h*ll. Oh, yes. I am bitter. The hat is also beautiful with your gorgeous hair. Srsly,girl. You are beautiful!!!

Your hat looks wonderful! The pink is fantastic with your skin tone.
My mother always puts on her lipstick. She says what if the doorbell rings. Her cousin, a true high maintenance lady, puts her entire face on every day. Her husband has never seen her without makeup, ever. She goes to bed after him and gets up before him to insure she's all made up when he's awake. They've been married over 50 years. As for me, I am au naturale all the time.

Nice hat. And now I'm trying to resist the urge to go put on some makeup. I'm so darn suggestible this year.

I LOVE IT, but I can't wear the slouchy hats. They look very weird on me.

What kind of mascara is it? Does it flake or smear later in the day? Does it make your eyes hurt if you do get it in your eyes for any reason?

These are all things I need to know about your particular mascara, since I am always on the hunt for the perfect one.

Lovely Pink hat, our Cookie. You have a very steady hand.

Lovely hat!! And the pink is very becoming on you :-)

Because I am a working fool I missed the big pink hat reveal, but damn that's cute! If you think the ribbing may need a bit of tightening, you could always run some elastic thread through it. I've done that many a-time in the past. No sense wearing a hat that will blow off in our blustery weather.


Damn, but that hat, the colour, your complexion, and hair colour, AND your eyes makes for one gorgeous beautiful you!

Looks like the perfect color to suit you.
Isn't mascara some kind of bird? Or pasta? Or Euro sports car? I don't see any of those in the picture...

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