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Friday, December 09, 2011


But if you had Joan's problems, you would have snow in your driveway.

Just look at all that snow...we are brown. The tiny smidgen that came is basically melted. Good thing. I don't have anyone fighting over the shoveling job. It's mine!
Sounds like you've been busy...I tried the chicken game and all I got was frustrated! You've got points. Lots of them!
Have a good weekend!

Holy cow, you wracked up the over 50 million points in that short time?

Glad Joan's alive. She's got quite a bit more snow than us, but I'm totally ok with that.
Mmmm, bok choy ice cream?

All our snow already melted :-(

I thought I was on the wrong blog when I saw that photo. No snow here for Christmas, I bet.

Hi little girl! WOW! Where did Friday go? Happy Saturday. Better Joan should have the snow than you or me. She's better prepared, what with the two men fighting over shoveling. Bok Choy. hmmmmmmm. Hugs hunny!!!

We may not have a white Christmas, either, but it is so, so cold (and inverted). dammit
We had bok choy and onion with a lovely warm bacon sauce. delish!

We have snow, and NO ONE to plow this year. I'm just happy my all-wheel-drive is actually working this year...
Bok choy with bacon sauce sounds good. Of course, cardboard with bacon sauce would sound good. Or bacon sauce with bacon sauce...
Why am I so hungry now?

We did try to get a good picture of the balls, but the boy accidentally deleted it on the way to his haircut.

Another try ensues, and I think I can do better anyway.

Glad the chainsaw racket is over!

And I can't wait to see the handspun.

Pretty snow! I find snow looks even prettier when not mucking up one's day or travel plans. People here can't drive in it (despite living an hour away from it), so you take your life in your own hands when you go outside when the flakes fall. Cant wait to see the handspun yardage.

Using a chain saw while standing on a roof. Nothing good can come of that:)

Hope the chainsaw dude was up on his insurance. Stir fry for the bok choy. That'll use up...one leaf, at least. Trish = Bams?

Look at that snow! I'm glad Joan is of the living.

What will you do with all those chickie points?

Will you share your collection of bok choy recipes?

When I saw that photo I wondered what had happened to California. In the next instant I realized it was probably Joan's pond and snow and trees. (I had just finished reading her latest post, which contained a similar photo. No dummy me. Shut up.)

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