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Monday, December 05, 2011


*hugs* from Webster and me.

At least a pity party is a good reason to drink?

Nothing wrong with a pity party now and again. I can't believe you were fake nice to someone. Heh.

You make yarn to be jealous of!
Sorry to hear about the panic and pity party. And the shopping...that's not fun under any circumstances...
Can't wait to see the finished object. :)
Happy Monday!

Pretty pretty yarn cakes. You still rock the spinning world, girlie!! As for the emotional rollercoaster? Oh, yeah. Hugs and more hugs and even more hugs. And, even those aren't gonna be enough, but they do help. Hang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you can forget what lovely yarn you make.

Sorry about the bad stuff.


Pretty yarn. I'm sending you some of my kitty cuddles. They always help me.

PRETTY! And what do you mean, I have to finish something first?

Even I, a pink hater from way back, like that color. V. nice.

Are the miles and miles of singles from a bare ounce of fluff starting to run together? Pretty yarn, love the color. Is it as soft as it looks?

I like to have a lot of wine at my pity parties! And that is my very favorite pink color you've got there. Perfect.

It sure does look like yarn. Lovely stuff.
Sorry the week is sucking and I hope the shopping helps it all even out. I know the yarn arriving this week is making me happy.

The yarn always looks lovely.

We are having similar weeks. Hope yours gets better.

I'm not a pink fan, either, so the fact that you can make me covet pink yarn really says something...
Emotionally charged shopping can't be good. At this time of year, one should be in a perfect apathetic shambling zombie mode while shopping.

Sorry the bad stuff is bad enough to send you shopping for cover. Sending you loads of hugs and love.

Fake nice is never a good sign.

"good" times. sigh.
I am so naming a colorway "pity party" though. Hope your week gets better.

I held a little pity party for myself last night over finding out I am not getting paid for some work I have done...and again this morning when the car had rain coming in where there aren't any windows...and right now the budget doesn't account for such a thing ( and it's not an old car, but it is just out of warranty). Emotionally charged shopping is certainly not in the budget, although it sounds good to me. I do love your yarn though...

I hate being fake nice but I get a lot of practice. I hope these people can't read minds:)
Gorgeous yarn!

Fake nice keeps you out of jail.

Pretty yarn!

I'm fake nice to people all the time (work). As for the shopping - I know I've got a pair of boots coming in the mail any day...what did you buy?

Feel better!

Come sit by me, I'm still being a bit pitiful about being dumped. And I'm on steroids, so wheee 'roid rage!!

And that's gorgeous yarn!

You make such pretty yarn!

Sometimes it is easier to be fake nice then the alternative.
Hopefully you won't be in the stores when they are crowded. They were eerily quiet yesterday for me. Little shopping just looking.
Everyone is entitled to a pity party - now go kick some ass!

We're all allowed to throw pity parties, just don't party all the time. :D Ohhhhh, emotionally charged shopping. That is never good. Never, never.

loves and hugs

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