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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Maybe the people in the bushes took the trousers.

Where's the rest of that gif/video?

I'm pretty sure it was the people in the bushes.. .

I totally get the losing of clothing. I have a brown sweater that I recently found and then lost again. It's here somewhere. Gotta be. Bought another sweater and now I'm warm, at least.

Son Angie gave you a present she knew would push you over the edge? I knew she was devious, but that is awesome.

Dave who?

What Cheryl said. I feel so unfulfilled!

Hmmmm,,, will comment in details after a few hours of contemplation!

If you find a black hand knitted hat with them trousers, please send it over, it's Joe's favorite, thank you :)

Happy whatever to you to. In my home we are just glad that this one is coming to an end and hoping for abetter next year.

Is Dave wearing fingerless gloves in that gif? Inquiring knitters are inquiring...

Chicken points or knitting...that is the question.
You're not terrible. You are a sweetie through and through!
Happy Whateverday to you too! I'm lost in the maze that is Christmas and New Years.

What a tease. I am too chicken to search lest I launch a virus on my computer and then I will have some 'splaining to do.
Happy New Year! Have fun making beautiful yarn.

The hardest lesson in life is letting things go.
Don't let Dave go. He's a keeper:)

those itty bitty videos.. such teasers!
Happy to you too, sweetie.

including me?

OK. I'll ask. Would he scream like a little girl during a passionate moment if we tugged on his nipple rings???? Love you and Happy Happy. You have done well this past year. Life is a challenge and you have met it well. I honestly don't think anybody is always patient and always happy. If you know someone like that, let me know, and I'll haul your stalkers out of the bushes and we'll get 'em;-P

Carole may be on to something...look for your trousers in the bushes!

Dang it, don't set the dogs on me! I'll leave!!

*slinks out of the bushes*

But I'm not giving back your pants.

I don't think you're a horrible person AT ALL!! And it's great that you can at least see something good come out of your difficult year.

I just don't even know what to say about the trousers. You're a woman of mystery.

I think Carole has figured it out. The question is whether you want the trousers back after the folks in the bushes are done with them.

The people in the bushes stole the trousers in order to give them to Dave and spoil your fun. The bitches...

Of course the kabillion chicken points and knitting and spinning has nothing to do with the pain in your hand. What a peculiar idea.

Yay for 2012! When the world magically transforms.

Silly girl-the artist formerly known as Prince (or Dave Navarro-hard to tell by such a tiny picture) is trying to put your trousers on while stomping on your crazy bitches in his video! Happy Everythingy to you!

Oy. That was me.

I hope you are having a happy new. I've been a bit distracted and all.

Did you ever find your trousers?

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