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Thursday, December 15, 2011


It does look better after the second plying and I agree that it will make great socks. Did you have a memorial service for the bok choy?

It's gonna make nice socks!
You gonna have to lay off the chickens for awhile??
I don't know if I could eat anything for 8 days...
Happy (what the heck day is this anyway?) Thursday?

I still think you chucked the bok choy at a zombie. Or maybe a chicken.......hmmmmm.....

That was a whole lot of bok choy. So you didn't resort to ice cream?

Take it easy with the wrist. Not knitting/spinning would really suck.

I think it will make some really nice socks! I have learned that a little bit of green goes a long way when it comes to dyeing!

I have zuma wrist. I have not bowed down to the chickens yet. They will bw lovely socks. And I shall type better once Maggies stops holding me hosage anytime I stop moving. Me thinks she missed me.

(I always miss the dramaz...)
You Martha-ed the rest of the bok choy into a lovely table centerpiece, didn't you?
Lovely yarn! Much prettier than the braid would lead you to expect. Well done!

Over 58 million points? I'm so proud, kidlet!!!! About 1/2 serving of bok choy is almost too much for me, so I admire the heck out of you. Plus, it's good for you!! And, the yarn is so lovely. Good call!!! Hugs, hunny..........

We all do a good bit of judging daily. Some days we're better at it than others! I could eat bok choy for 8 days, but then I migh not want it again for about 200 more!

I like the yarn and I am in awe of your stickto-it-ness with that big bok choy. I'd probably have let half of it sit in the back of the fridge till it transformed itself into a toxin.

Never in a million years would I have guess that the finished yarn would look like that! It's very pretty and reminds me a bit of Trekking (love). Great job, though I don't understand plying talk at all.

When a seller is up front about the product, everyone ends up happy. You can't be angry with something you knew good and well might not turn out. Of course, your magic always does. What did the guiness people say about your bok choy record? Lol

I kinda like the braid to begin with. i also feel that the middle photo has all the colors of the bok choy. Coincidence? I think not.

Nice call on the yarn color, Cookie. I would have been making a wild guess. For sure.

So the points are correlated to the wrist pain...I'm guessing the points are result of it and the cause, right?

You need to set your mouse up better to avoid the wrist pain. I mean, I got a diagram and everything from my physical therapist the other day!!

And chickens? Don't tell me where that game is!!

Oh so pretty, but can you please show us a profile photo pretty please? From some reason I really want to turn this cake around a bit,,, :)

Okay, in spite of your most heartfelt plea, I am judging you w/r/t 58 million Chicken points. I am thinking that I should never EVER challenge you to a game of Chicken because you will kick my ass to China and back. And I mean that in a good way ;-)

A month. /Scoffs. More like 27 straight hours.

Pretty! I still can't wrap my brain how differently batts, skeins and projects look from each other. Same start!

As I tell my kids, honesty is always the best policy. ;) As usual, you made pretty yarn.

I like the yarn. I also like the braid, but agree that if a seller is upfront, then all is good. Take care of the wrist.

Woah - 58 million points. I bow to your superiority.

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