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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


At least you have greens for life, right?

Exactly how much of that can you eat? Seriously, kiddle. How much? It won't keep for long. I hope you like it. Bunches. And, sleep is highly overrated. When you're rested you're supposed to "know" stuff. Now, you don't have to at all. Hugs hunny!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Chop up the excess, bag it, and freeze it. Handy for stir-fries, etc.)

I'm picturing Crazy Aunt Cookie, sleep-deprived, browsing the produce department in pajamas and bunny slippers, with eyes at half-mast, prodding the melons and molesting the bok choy...

I hope you're hungry.

It shrinks when you cook it...honest!
But I prefer the baby ones, especially the pretty all-green Shanghai bok choy. More tender. Tenderer?
Happy Wednesday dinner!

We don't even get bok choy here in the suburbs of the North East!

I've never eaten bok choy. And actually I can't recall ever seeing it in a grocery store either. How do you cook it? And I hope you love it cuz it does look like a lot...

I've heard of it, but we never got one. So, I'm taking your word on it.

I'm telling myself sleep is over-rated. I cuss out the alarm clock every morning at 5:30. Then my body wakes me up at 5am on my days off and I cuss at it too.

That is a LOT of bok choy! Eat fast. . .

You don't get enough sleep and giant mutant bok choy leap out of the produce bin into your grocery cart? You live some life, lady! ;-)

I think the bol choy has been hanging around those giant citruses. Or on steroids. Either way, totally not normal!

"greens for life" sounds like some kind of easily misconstrued slogan.

It's like those monster celery I saw at last week's farmer's market. They were HUGE. Like 2 feet tall!

Mmmmm.....bok choy.....yummy yummy bok choy.....

GMO bok choy? You better sleep with one eye open.

You are so on Epicurious looking up bok choi recipes today!

wow. I don't think they grow that large in the northeast. Or, do you live near a nuclear reactor? OTOH po tof rice and that= meals for 3 days.

We're having bok choy for dinner tonight! Of course I made sure it was baby bok choy. Aren't they lovely!?

Yum! Remember when you were a kid and sleep wasn't a problem? Me too.

I would sleep with one eye open!!

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