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Monday, December 12, 2011


You tell her. I am still waiting for that orange sweater of CarrieK's to be finished.

I went to the mall to get a few gift cards at 9am yesterday. I swear it was just me and the employees. In and out easy peasy before the clueless hoards descended.

Nice yarn. Can't wait to see what Carrie makes with it!
/runs off to get popcorn and a lawn chair. *Lots* of popcorn. Maybe some wine, too.

Hey. I just finished posting an FO!! It may even be the orange sweater Gale's referring to but it may not. It's actually blocking as we speak. (Because it's freaking FREEZING in my house and apparently wool does not dry in frost.)

That's much pinker than it was at my house. I'm just sayin'.

I am staying home as I have no plan for spending my hard earned retirement income on anyone other than myself and i can order all kinds of yarn and fleece by just hitting the keys on this laptop.
If i go anywhere I will know where i am going - the the grocery store. And, don't get in my way either.

People truly do have major issues this time of year. It's insane out there. And dangerous. People driving cars don't seem to have a plan either...
Love the beigy pink yarn! (Knitting for yourself is the most fun!) ;)

P.S. All those people driving around without a clue? When the holidays are over, they'll still be with us.

I am happy to report that I did all of my Christmas shopping without ever going to an actual store. I try and stay away from the crazies, too! Lovely yarn.

Caffeine can be our friend, in small amounts, dear one. I'm so very very grateful I'm not being held up to the same standards as poor Carrie K. Also, people don't have a fucking clue and never have had, but there are more of them. And, they also are trying to drive you (and, me) insane. Hang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, the crazy world out there. I'm trying to avoid it for now. That includes our giant new 400,000 sq ft Ikea.

So pretty! I hate the people in the stores, how they just pull up their cart right in front of whatever you are looking at, like it isn't even RIGHT THERE, and then stand still in your way, looking at something else. It only happens this time of year, WTF?

Pity me, the retail worker, trying to give clues to the clueless...
My current favorite is the guy yesterday who wanted "I can't think of what it's called, you use it to, you know, it's about this big, but there's different sizes, you know, and you, you know, it's for, or you can, you know, but" and so forth.
Never did figure out what he was looking for...

'tis the season. That's for sure.

Did that B-side cardigan of hers ever get done? Make her EARN that yarn!!

LOVE the yarn, but it really does look pink so that might explain it. As always, you are the spinning queen.

And I was just saying on Sunday at the store "omg have these people ever been in a store before? They stare at the soup aisle like they've never seen cans before or something!"

You rock!! XO

Is Trish confusing the Carries? Pretty pretty spinning.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to be to starky about Carrie since I haven't quite finished my 2010 Olympic sweater. (The collar and I are having issues. Wish me strength.)

Still that is beautiful yarn and must be earned.

Wait, you're supposed to *finish* knitting things? Damn, I've been doing it all wrong!!

Beautiful yarnz! Carrie better finish it! Does that sweater count? Would you believe there is less traffic and even fewer aholes in the Dallas area than Tyler? I actually had an enjoyable time @ the local mall last night and out and about today. Or maybe I'm all squishy cause I'm in Dallas with Texas. Could go either way. Remind me to tell you about the family at dinner last night where I actually felt sorry for the wonderful kids and wanted to stab the psycho mother. I know. What a switch huh?

Poor CarrieK now you really frightened her! And I am almost sure you did it just to have a reason to post that date!

What a marvelous way to motivate. :D That is lovely yarn from sweet fiber, for sure.

I hope all my shopping will be completed on-line next year. Even the gift card part for the picky nephew.

I decided to deal with the holiday traffic by leaving the country. Worked like a charm.

Great idea to get CarrieK to actually finish something. You're not going to let that new sweater count, are you? She definitely needs to finish something else.

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