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Thursday, December 22, 2011


That is lovely. And yes, you definitely deserve a metal.

The shawl is so pretty. I'm glad you kept it for yourself even if you had to take pictures. ;)
You should have a metal AND some of Trish's big shiny holiday balls!

Lovely! I am so impressed by your handspun knitting challenge. You deserve a medal. A couple of shiny balls would make a perfect medal;)

It's beautiful Cookie.

Merry Christmas.

My 'Cookie' Shawl is helping get through the north Texas cold weather.

You're in my thoughts.

Annis is lovely. Is a ferret on crack anything like squish on Ritalin? BWAHAHAHHA! Do you feel like the squirrel in Over the Hedge?
Happy Postal days to you. xoxo

That's okay, every morning I have to wake up to Temple's phone singing "Because Boobs". It's really made for an interesting few weeks. Never remember to make him change it until 530am, though...

That's my girl!!!!!!!!!! Annis is beautiful and we both know how magnificent she is in handspun. Kudos, dearheart!!!!

Oh! Wow! I'm so impressed. I haven't even knit my Annis with purchased yarn, and you've spun and knit the whole thing? And it's perfect.

You said "boobies" like that's a bad thing!!

And I have been lax, but you are very sweet and I did get my package.


Ohhh so lovely and the color,,, I wish it was that color,,,

Happy Holidays girl!

I thought about your handspun this weekend, baking up a million batches of cookies. Amazing! Love the shawl, great as always.

I'm hoping I can squeeze enough time to knit Annis once, let alone twice. And I don't care what yarn...
Yours is perfect! Love the color.
And you really do deserve a medal. Maybe two or three, even.

It's lovely! Merry Christmas

You make the best gifts. Nothing is better than a handspun, hand knit shawl. I know!
So, are you continuing on in 2012 with handspun only?

Happy Solstice!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Trite, but with feeling.

You are an amazing spinner and knitter. I hope next year is a better year for you. Have a Merry Christmas! oooxxoo

me gusta...but I feel it's missing...boobs heheh

I think you definitely deserve a medal for this year's accomplishments in fiber - not to mention for getting through the year without much noticeable change to your sanity.

However, I don't know why we can't have the bosoms. Sheesh.

Happy whatever.

You do deserve a metal. The shawl is very pretty.

I would have posted on the last couple posts, but you a link to the chicken thing and I got lost.

You posted* a link to the chicken thing.

Yeah, I'm about half out of my mind. What else is new?

Gosh, don't you just hate it when the photos scream "bosoms!" The shawl is lovely; perfect. Happy everything, Cookie!

It is beautiful, Cookie. I think you deserve a very shiny and sparkly medal or whatever you want, for that matter.

Congratulations on almost a whole year of not killing anyone.

Beautiful Annis. I like that pattern.

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