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Monday, November 14, 2011


You are nuts! That's an incredible amount of yarn!!

We have tornado warnings today. Wheee.

That is a lot of yarn! It's lovely. I look forward to see what Joan makes.

Wow! Amazing yardage. You could make a whole heirloom wedding ring shawl and probably still have leftovers.

Moody dark weather is better- it has more character. Bright sunny days are sort of vapid. (Says the girl who lived through almost the longest winter on record last year...)

The key to everything being enjoyable is moderation - even the weather. Too much of a good thing and all that comes to mind. Your yarn, however, is certainly NOT too much of a good thing. Amazing yardage!

You are a crazy magical spinner! How do you do that?! Note to self, next contest guess will be my answer times FOUR! Wow.

Foggy, chilly and moody are justification for staying inside. Sunny and bright sort of force you to get outside. Sometimes a body just wants to be inside!
ONLY 2.76 miles. Only! How'd you count all that without your head popping off or your eyes falling out or something...
The yarn is lookin' good!


Michael is totally right when he calls you a machine. Foggy is wonderful. It's 82 feckin' degrees here today. At least a storm comes in tonight. YEAH!

Only?!? What!?!

By the way, I almost found a way to get my number but your yarn had to do it to me and give a nine at the end,,,, 1119,,, that is close, no?

Your trees photo is really pretty, you could have taken it out here today.

It is too sunny here too, but at least there are gloomy clouds scudding along. Not evem three miles? Feh. You are losing your touch.

Wonderful! (Of course.) You suck.

4849!?! Yowza! It's gorgeous though. So....2800ish yards left over?

It's still sunny here too but I hear there'll be rain by the weekend.

We always want what we can't have.
5000yds out of how many ounces? I wish I sucked that bad. o.0

It's not sunny here, girlie. Still, I love a good fog, too!! And, 4849? Srsly? Congrats to Natalie. I couldn't even count that high!! If I could stand the mohair part, I would want that for my very own. Thank goodness I have issues with mohair!!


You are a regular spinning dervish, or whirling top or whatever.

I've been away and then super busy at the office. Wow, that is a lot of gorgeous yarn! My spinning is getting better and better but I am not sure it will ever be as beautiful as yours.

5 miles of singles FFS!

Love you!

It was finally somewhat sunny here.

My mood was dark and stormy.

Congratulations to Natalie.

You are a MACHINE.

We had warm and sunny this morning, and then BAM! at 2:30 ... grey, cloudy, overcast. Our weather is moody.

Holy cow! Helluva lotta yardage :)

I think every body love the weather like sunny and bright and at the same time some like cloudy too.

Lovely foggy photo. I really like foggy days (in fact, we've got some here right now). And that is a LOT of yarn. Wow.

Congratulations, Natalie! Well done! Okay, well done to Cookie too for spinning it. Great picture. I admit, I'm kind of hoping for a grey Sunday so I can get inside stuff done. Or at least not hate that I'm stuck inside.

thats an amazing number. you have a lot of dedication to even spin that long on one bag. i would have used every bobbin in the house trying to get different fiber and braids - because i'd need to switch it up... a lot.

are you actually going to knit it, or is there a plan for someone to do so? I would be thrilled to see the outcome.

Can't type still in shock over your amazing yardage.

Beautiful pick of last Monday.

I knew I should have guessed higher. Oh well, at least it is sunny and bright here. Today. Tomorrow, same old crappy gloom and doom.

So what are you spinning now?

I suppose too much of any weather begins to feel like harassment. I'm with you on preferring a bit less of all that sunniness.

I actually like that photo of your 4849 yards of merinomohairmadness. I think it is a tremendous yardage.


Yay for our Natalie! Clearly, she knows all about spinning and fiber and stuff.

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