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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Pretty feet! And nice socks, too.

Pretty colors! I bet it was a fun batt to spin.

Nice! Love the color and they look so cozy...

Very nice socks.

We can dream though, right? It is Sunday & they are socks . . . Yeah, I'll shut up now.

And very nice socks they are, grasshopper.

Sunday socks were too much pressure. You so don't need that. Besides, they're now a special treat and these are beautiful. They look soft and snuggy, too. Lovely lovely lovely. And, huge hugs, too!!!

Those are lovely and the first photo is particularly nice.

Gorgeous! I love them, too!

Beautiful socks and love the color!!


Nice color.

They look comfy and it's about time you knit something for yourself!

Lovely socks! Friends with drum carders are very handy.

Yum - gorgeous colors! I'm sure you'll enjoy them :^)

oooooooooh me likey everything about those, including the cute feet

Such beautiful colors! Just perfect in every way. :-)

Gorgeous socks! The color is spectacular. I bet you'll want to wear them every day.

I could send you the entire contents of my sock stash and request the return of Sunday socks. It is sad. very sad. I can say it over here... I'm knitting teh hubby a pair of socks. Out of worsted weight. For around the house. If I could have found some bulky I would have used that for his Fred Flintstone feet. O.o

Have an awesome week Cookielicious!

Standing down.

Nice socks!

These are so pretty!I love the color! I really need to learn how spin. Maybe, next year.

They are very nice and it is getting cold...no assumptions of regular sock knitting have been made.

Such a tease. /pouts. The Sunday sock is so alliterative.

Love the socks and the color! They look so comfy.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, and GORgeous!

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