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Friday, November 25, 2011


Free chocolate is always good.

Also there are way to many warny flashing lights on dashboards these days. (I'm so dated. Must go spin.0

Love the picture!
Happy spinning to you. And happy knitting too.
Warning dash lights freak me out. And then when you try to tell someone about them they go off again not to be seen until the next time you drive alone. Ugh!
Happy Friday? Oh yeah, it is Friday...it seems like Sunday. o.0

Free chocolate rocks! And I live in fear of extra lights on the dash. I think the hubby leaves vehicles I'm about to drive almost empty just to freak me out.

I just hate the bells in the car but with a result of free Snickers I think I could be trained to like the bells and lights. Charting is always interesting but I rarely find the answers I'm looking for.

Good luck with the spinning and et cetera. Staying on the good side of the important ones often is related to good chocolate, IMHO. :D

I have a sad tendency not to notice the light on my dashboard that tells me I'm low on fuel. It's rather subtle. So I panic when it occurs to me that I haven't looked at the fuel gauge for a long time, and wonder if I'm just about to run out of gas.

Love your clouds!

I went to that site. It mostly spot on, except for the part that said I like to use drugs to expand my inner mind to it's limits. Not so much, I don't even care for being tipsy.

I've ran out of gas once. I what have freaked too. Free chocolate was the least they could have given you with gas prices there.

Have fun with the spinning.

You got free chocolate at the gas station?! I think they just liked you, it can't have been a gas for chocolate promotion, could it?

It Is Good to stay on the right side of those who will be running the world in 20 years. (Also, if one has children, to remember that they are the ones who will decide which Home to put one in when the time comes -- the Home with cable flat panel TVs everywhere so I don't have to watch someone else's soap operas, or the one that serves canned beans three times a week and has aides that look like Freddie Kruger.)

Yum, Snickers. I have to admit, I ready "fake nephew" more like "imaginary nephew" and wondered why he needed a real sweater. Yup.

I have a friend who reads astrological charts and she always says knowing the precise moment of birth is critical. Take that for what it's worth, I guess. Also, nice to see you again!

It's so good to hear from you! You're spinning the yarn for the sweater or spinning and knitting? Curious minds need to know (or, not. Your call;-P). I like the astrology stuff, but don't necessarily believe it. I think there are qualities in all of us that fit those characteristics for each sign. I do love your sky. I can't wait to see the socks!! Knitting!!!! So exciting!!!! Hugs, girlie!

I try to deny the empty light in the car. Bah. running on fumes is soooooooo much better for the engine.
o wait. No, no it isn't. Dang it all!


So I charted my day of birth with the time, it is quite spot on.
My car dings when it's running low on gas and it just keeps dinging every few miles. I hate it so much I no longer let the tank get that low.
I can't wait to see what you've spun for the fake nephew sweater:) Aren't fake relatives the best to knit for.

At least your car is new enough to have a fuel light. Mine is just an old fashioned gauge, which I never look at, but thank goodness Smith does as he fills my car before I'm in trouble. However, he never gets, or at least he never brings, Snickers bars home!

1. How old is that future ruler of our universe? Need to know to be able to appreciate the size of that spinning job you are in the midst of!

2. Waiting for yarn to arrive - does this mean someone is going to win that ancient guess quiz or something?

3. Here hoping you didn't decide to brave the crowds of the Friday and are having a good weekend!

Candy is dandy, and now I want a Snickers.
Yep, stay on his good side. and his brother's too :^)
I like your photo too, happy clouds. hee.
I have an old friend who has charted my astrological blahblah out, as well as all my children.. it was his gift to them upon their birth. I know I have something called a Grand Cross which I guess might be dicey, and I gotta say, it's proven to be so. sigh.

You're spinning and knitting, and not showing us photos?!? Wanna see!
If you want more clouds, let me know. I've got tons...

Oh the tire pressure light is a bad, bad thing, it is always right in my cars! So frustrating. Glad to hear the days have been going well as of late! My knitting has been non-existent, i need to get on it!

The other day I drove across town to get something from the Lego store, only to find it sold out. I stopped at Chipotle for consolation lunch, and they were having a training day so I got Chipotle for free! I felt karmically reimbursed.

I like when you have to pull out the book to your car to decipher the cryptically designed dash lights. I recently had the low tire pressure light come on and it took me the whole day to figure out what it was and fix it. Can't wait to see the sweater yarn!

The joy of Snickers.

I don't fear car warning lights. When my "check engine" light went out, I assumed it was cured. (There were those that felt the bulb burnt out but pffft.)

Currently spinning? Or done?

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