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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Hmmm, 2659 yards. I suck at these guessing games.

Oh my gosh this is like guessing M&Ms in a jar...yum...M&Ms...oops distracted myself! Ok I'll go with 4798 yds.

My trusty calculator tells me that you got either 1,395 or 4,640 yards. Don't ask how I got those. Numbers are my business ;-)

I will guess 3,482 yards.

I am gonna guess 3,933 yards based on the weight.

Well, I'm low. I'm going to say that you have 1960 yards there. That's science. (yeah, I made it up.) Pretty yarn!

I think it's 1725 yards. Now pick me.

I'm guessing 3,782. No rhyme or reason;-P Hugs, girlie. Take care!!!

2,247 yards. Word.

Um, wow. It sure looks like a lot. 4800 yards?

Oh, I'll take a wild stab...3672 yards.

3,916. So gorgeous, by the way.

Now tell me about the asshole.

It's pretty... but I'm not yet good enough with yardage to guess. So count this as a (mostly) non-lurker non-guess. Webster says hi though.

I'm going to guess 3,187. Ahh - nothing like some good thwacking to get rid of some aggression.

1,842 yards. Have fun thwacking!

My guess is 3520. So now I'm not lurking.

Un-lurking to guess 3416 yds......and the yarn is beautiful, too!

I guess....... a boatload of yarn. There! I win! I win!

Oh. You would like it a tad bit more specific? Darn. Ummm.....2488.

That's gorgeous yarn, btw.

Like lurking is a bad thing? I guess 2022 yards of pretty yarn.

I want to guess 1111 yards! I know it is too low but I fancy this number to celebrate this year - all these ones really entertain me what can I say,,, I am weird that way,,,,

Did you know that this year if you add anyone's age to the 2 last digits of their year of birth will give 111? That is if that person is not stuck at the age of 39 or something,,,,

8,000 yds. Give or take.
It's beautiful!

1999 yards. Beautiful.

Knowing you, I'd guess you got about 15 miles of yarn...

3276 yards.

So beautiful!! My guess 2,222 yards.


OMG, that's so gorgeous!!

I'm guessing 3673 yards!

I'm guessing 1412 yds, but it looks thin so I may be way out of it. Happy thwacking!

Well if it was me I'd probably get about 1800 yards but it's you so I'm guessing 2200 - I'm also exhausted and have been sewing nonstop for a month and a half so don't hate me when I'm wrong. ;op

After talking to you, I would like to amend my guess. My new guess is...........aaaauuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhh! No! Help! Help!

I'm going to go high (not *get*) and go with 3,969.
(69 is for the luv)

Hmmm... A pound of merino, spun thin like a cobweb (if I know the way you spin). I'm going to guess 4444 yds. Just because it's a fun number and crazy high enough to be close to what you can spin.
It's beautiful, by the way.

3100 yards, give or take a pound ;). Beautifull!

I did tell you that the pattern takes 1350 yards, right?

Maybe I forgot to mention that.

I'm guessing I'm knitting more than one.

My guess is 3,850 yards of beautiful yarn!

Wow you spinning freak. That looks like a heap of pretty yarn.
I am going to go for 3450 yards.

Holy kamoley! That is a schwackload of yarn! And that's my guess - I do words not numbers which explains why I managed to buy 4 skeins of yarn with great names from a market vendor and get 2 different yardages AND yarn size. Must have been the yarn fumes b/c the latter is pretty bad even for me! Nice names, though....

My guess is that you have 1538 yards of gorgeous fiber there! What will you make with it?

3565. Because.

3500 yards of gorgeous. And once again you make me want to learn how to spin.

(Stop that. I don't have time for another hobby/pastime.)

Delurking guess - 1 pound + froghair = 5775 yards - the turn in the weather is nasty, isnt' it?

I'm guessing around 4885 yards, give or take a few.

The weather has just been nasty down here in the desert.

I'll say 4200 yards. Just because.

My guess is 5600 yards.


Remember me? :)

I'll guess 1,939 yards because nobody else has yet!

I'm a little late because I just got here...........check in on you once in a while and got lucky today. I'm guessing 5668 yards.

I've been traveling, so can I still guess? Yes? Coolness. So ummm... will you take eleven billion? No? How about 2222. :D xoxo

p.s. to save your time, palm tree must love you and I can send you a quilt to work on ... and send back when it is done. hahahaha

3850 yards. No. Make that 5830. :D I love the colors in it.

WoWzers, that's some gorgeous yarn! I'm catching up, yet again, so I've gone directly to the last post I've not read.
One pound of fibre, spun into froghair... hmmmm. I'd go 5000 yards and yes, I realize this answer doesn't count towards prize, I'm guessing for the fun.
Loved Margene's 8000. :^)

Hopefully, coming from Google Reader will be ok.

I'm going to guess 3230. It's spun pretty fine. Veryyyy pretty.

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