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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Who has a life? Likey hat. I wonder if there is a mobile version for chicken invaders ...

Lives? Lives? Who? I LOVE your hat. It's lovely, but not as lovely as my hat, but still very nice. And, I am envious of the hair, too. Yours is perfect. Mine is curly. And, Chicken Invaders 2? Must check it out!!!!

Is that really you?!? hehehe,,,

Love both hats. The colors are so lovely. You sure got some very lucky friends :)

Look! There you are!!!
The hat looks lovely on you.
I think.

Your hat looks awesome and so does Cindy's. (So does your neck...is that wrong to say?) I'm considering at ear band for my morning walk.
I don't have a life. It's tiring.

me likey. It looks (from what I can see, ahem) like the kinda basic pattern I wanted to follow for my hubs. Your own?

Nice hat! Life? Did you say something about having a life?

I spun and spun before I thought I had yarn that was good enough to knit with. Turns out, it always was good enough for knitting and I wish I'd started knitting with my spinning much sooner. They go hand in hand, and knitting with handspun has made me a better spinner. Love both hats, too.

I like that fact that knitting can hide a thousand sins in the spinning.

Your hats look great.

I found a life and it's exhausting.

The hat looks great! I am ignoring the great reference, as I really don't need yet another addiction.

Last time you mentioned a game I got zombie thumb. I'm not clicking this time!

Nice hat btw.

Lovely hat! I will not click the link to the chicken game. I have too many things to do...

Both hats are wonderful! I can't take a picture of myself to show off hand knits to save my soul. Yours turned out super! I like your haircut.
Yikes! The chicken game looks a little too interesting... Oh. Oh.

I've said it before, will say it again.. Love. Your. Hair.
Love that hat too! and Cindy's (saw it the other day :^)
I try and avoid the games, I'm not terribly good at them anyway, hah.

Life? What's that?

The hat is lovely, and I'm totally ignoring the suggestion to spin. I need to use up the yarn I already have!

I'm life free for a while. At least until Michael comes home for 6-8 weeks. Boy noises and smells and messes. I give it 2 weeks until I start bitching. :D
Your hat is wonderful. Your spinning is wonderful. I guess I should take the time to finish that shawl I'm knitting out of your frog hair.

It's a cute hat and I love the colors.

Too bad you don't crochet. (Do you?) There's a terrifying looking turkey hat on Ravelry.

Nice hat! So, it's interesting that the one that turned out nicest was yours. :)

Nice hat. Sometime having a life is over-rated.

I'm kidding, I think.

Not looking at any chickens. No way. :D

Beautiful Hat.

I refuse to look at Chicken Invaders 2. You've already sucked me into Plants vs Zombies. Do you know how much Civ* time I've wasted on that game.

*Civ- Civilization V by Sid Meyer's (earlier versions are just as addictive)

Love the hat! But, I will resist the urge to look at any game you recommend. In the past your recommendations have proved to be a little bit TOO GOOD.

Chickens? Did you say chickens?

Love the colors of the hat and your hair honey.

Hope you are well. Happy Thanksgiving.

PS I have a changed email address (just the domain).

Nice hat! Is it me or is that the most you've ever shown of yourself?


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