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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


That yarn looks suspiciously very, very familiar!

That bag is too cool and the snap will come in handy some day. Probably.

That looks like a Day of the Dead print. Love it!!!! And, the singles are so very pretty. Your productivity frightens me on many levels, but you are our Cookie, so you can be whatever you wanna be. We loves you.

Nice! Those look like awfully teensy singles for something you threw together last night. I guess the rumors are true: you are a machine. ;^)

Between your spinning and talking to a friend at work today, I think I'm going to haul my wheel into the living room. And I LOVE Jessalu's bags. For once I am not living under a rock.

How funny that we both have sugar skull print bags! Great minds, and all that stuff.

I have a big box bag made out of that same fabric. I just ordered a custom bag from Jess today for a Christmas present for my stepdaughter. And yes it's Tuesday but not for much longer 'round here.

Love the bag and the singles!

Love the bucket bag! Is it Day of the Dead-esque?

Love the spinning and the Day of Dead skulls.

It's been a while since I have seen a new technique that I can use readily, awesome! And the singles look great!

The yarn looks loverly! Wonderful color. And the bag is cute. Or scary. Whichever...
And it is a few minutes after midnight here, so Happy Wednesday to you! :)

Great bag! (But, then, all of JessaLu's bags are great. . .) Even though I really have no idea what you speak of when you speak of spinning, I am duly impressed. :-)

Your singles are gorgeous! That bag is wonderful! I love the inside.

I love your bag! I've wanted one of JessaLu's spindle bags for a long time. Maybe it should be my non-xmas gift!

As usual, advanced spinning techniques are way beyond me but I love the bag.And the yarn looks pretty beautiful, too.

Your bag is fabulous! It should help alleviate the suffering of the plying...

Love the bag! That fabric is so cool, very Dias de la Muerte sugar skully. I don't understand spinning, but I'm glad it's a cute and hand bag. Happy plying - sounds like you need a margarita before beginning though.

Cheryl posted her matching needle case recently. Love the sparklies! I think if Jess made her box bags with a wipable lining and insulating batting everyone I work with would have one or more for a lunch bag.

awwww you DO like it! You weren't fibbing just to make me feel better ;o) hehe xoxo Thanks for all the linky love!

Sparkly Swirly Skulls = Happy.

The singles are beautiful too. Hope your will to live narrowly outlasts the plying time!

Thankyou for posting the link to the Tutorial for plying..I can't wait to try this...I think that its going to change the way I spin. Would be terrific for plying on a spindle too.

I love JessaLu's bags. As far as I'm concerned, they're collectibles.

Lovely bag--she does the best bags. Thanks for the tutorial link, too. I missed that or just have CRS. Happy spinning!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who ply's from both sides of the cake. Though I should probably order myself a bag like yours since my dearest is getting tired of having to rescue me when my cake falls apart. Oh well. Another idea for the Christmas list.

what a great bag. And thanks for the reminder of the tutorial....I have to try that.

Love the bag (!!!) and that bobbin-full is gorgeous and the tutorial... beyond clever!

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