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Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm gonna need to triple my estimate, I'm worried... Your yardage simply amazes me! Fabulous!

The shawl is beautiful. Now there's a good way to get a project photographed...give it away and let them take the pics. I've gotta remember that!
I'm gonna be close with my guess but probably no cigar. I think you did make that yarn into frog hair...

Fuzzle is an adorable model! He looks a lot like my Hannibal.

Given the new data re: the yardage of your handspun, my trusty calculator tells me that there were 4,667 yds in that pound of fiber. Yeah, my guess was way, way low...

Pretty kitty and a beautiful scarf!

I think my guess of 15 miles may be closer than anyone thought...
Lovely scarf!

13 hanks? Whoa, Nellie!

Current yardage total is 2557 yards!

That is with 6 out of 13 hanks counted and retied. I'm loosing the light and quitting for the day. Will return to counting some time tomorrow. Look for a final count post Monday-ish.. assuming I survive the counting. My back is killing me and I'm bored out of my freakin' mind.


I saw Angie's photos (though not the one with Fuzzle) - the shawl is lovely!

Very pretty scarf and kitty model.

Your arm is going to fall off over the weekend counting that yardage.

Now, I'm off to go see what you made with the yarn. I'm so excited, I rarely ever get to see what people make with the yarn I give away.

You knit?!

/dies of shock

Very pretty. 5000+ on the skeins, it sounds like.

Perhaps. One of these days. ;^)

beaut, as always :)

Oy! It is a pity you didn't get my desired 1111 with the three skeins, you were so close :)

I see someone caught my repetitis disease or is it still just in theory - the knitting of that beautiful shawly scarf again and again and again,,,,

Seeing your creation made me think I may need to knit a few of those soon!

I had to bribe her with some Greenies for that release. :D I am very much loving this recent project of yours.

Wow, that is going to be a LOT of yar(n)date!


Beautiful shawl. Purdy kitty. Lovely unspuns. It's supposed to turn colder this week. That can only mean one thing!!

Love the pink ruffly shawl that's gone to the person who has makes black bean soup in advance of spending a day in a tree at the beginning of hunting season. You know the most interesting people!!

ps: does "schwackload" still count? I mean you're going to go well over a mile of yarn, right?? Yikes!

What a beautiful scarf/shawlette! Loved the snowy video with her gorgeous kitteh, looks a bit like the Mowzer :^)
Oh. My. 5000+ for sure!

Love the long lacy curve of the scarf/shawl!

It looks adorable on Fuzzle.

My mind won't do the maths to estimate yardage and I cannot even remember my guess.

Such a pretty bit of lace and love!


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