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Friday, October 21, 2011


What do you mean "pretend"? Hunny, YOU get to pick the colors and their arrangement. It is very creative and a bunch of fun. And, you don't even have to stay in the lines iffn' you don't wanna. So there!

I've told students before that coloring is sometimes a good way to pay attention in class (if, of course they don't knit).

I love to color. Once a roommate brought home some poster-sized prints that were just black-and-white outlines. All of us were suddenly coloring night and day. You just go ahead and enjoy your coloring!

Coloring is relaxing! My roommates and I used to bust out the coloring books and crayons whenever we got stressed in college. I have a few coloring books and a box of colored pencils kicking around somewhere, I should find them...

Love it honey.

I wore my Swallowtail to work today because I needed the boost. Works every time. I love it.

When not wearing it, it lives on the back on my recliner in my new place in Texas.

Love you miss you honey. I'll start blogging again soon.

I love the Day of the Dead skull! LOVE! :D

Stress? Fall down while carrying needles and accidentally and repeatedly stab them. Just sayin'

omg love the sugar skulls.

I haven't colored in AGES. I miss it.


I less than 3 coloring. I have a folder of mandalas and tessellations I've printed off the internet for times when knitting just isn't motivating me.

Hi Cookie I think this is fabulous I cannot remember ever not having crayons and a coloring book in my house I have found some amazing coloring books over the years that are made for like older kids or adults. When I had kids that was an activity we always did regularly and recently when we had a family trip to Disneyland we all came home with new coloring books for everyone of us. so no judgement here only massive amounts of support I think coloring is so much fun. ENJOY

Coloring IS creative and relaxing. I've got crayons and coloring books around here for the grandkids...I should get them out...your book looks more grownup than what I have here...where'd you get it?
Isn't the selection of crayons, markers and colored pencils just amazing?? :)

We're all a bunch of closet colorers, sweetie. But you suspected that, didn't you?...

I have colored in a few years. It is relaxing. Enjoy!

Such a great idea, which means you are a smart cookie!

Coloring is The Best. I loved to color as a kid; I love to color as a (so-called) adult. Rock on.

There's certainly nothing wrong with that! Especially not when you get skulls. I had one of those big coloring posters on my wall when I was in high school. Loved it.

I run groups in a Social Rehabilitation program (for people with severe and persistent mental illness) and one of their favorite things to do is to color Mandalas. I've given some of them to our therapists who use them in therapy sessions. Coloring is good for focusing your mind and energies.

And besides, who says it isn't ok to just do something that you like just because you like it?

Where Did you get it? So cool I want one too!

My favorite thing in the world is the big box of brand new crayolas.

When I was 10 my uncle bought me a set of fruit scented markers. The trainer had a basket full during our training class last month. We were all sitting around smelling them until she became annoyed and took them from us. Party pooper.

That's a cool looking coloring book! And yes, it's a great stress reliever!

I must dig out my Halloween & Autumn coloring books. :D

I have Pumpkin shaped Mandalas. heh.

Love the sugar skull!

I totally agree!

I judge you....

You're very smart!!

Who doesn't like to color? My favorite coloring books were always the special museum ones my dad used to get us when he went to conferences. I remember liking the Egyptian ones and the Celtic ones the best. :)

I can stand some stress-relief. I must find a fun coloring book.......

Crayolas have a come a long way since my day! Coloring is fun. Shhh.

So I am not the only one who really want those fancy looking Crayola boxes I see in those office stores these days,,,,

Oh and will you believe I was never the owner of any box of Crayola, being from that far away weird place and as old as I am,,,

Try some watercolors, too.

I.Love.Coloured.Pencils. Don't think I've seen those.. yet. Gracie and I each have a nice set of pencils, and enjoy the hell out of them.
YAY for you!

Hi! I'm sooo glad you've rediscovered the joy of coloring, and that you found the sugar skull drawing on my web site. I've got lots more adult coloring pages for personal use ... enjoy!

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