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Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about that spider anymore. Now it will be squirrels. I like squirrels. It's the chipmunks that are conniving. They are slowly turning my backyard into swiss cheese.
The new fiber is lovely. It looks so soft and squishy.

Killer! You should be ashamed of yourself. I, personally, know where all the spiders live in my apartment. :-P

Enjoy a lazy weekend; they're good for the soul. I'm glad the spider is gone. I think fiber is fabulous. (And, truth be told, so is the bear!)

I love my blog-born friendships :) so much better than just lurking/stalking!
and I'm all for getting rid of spiders/bugs that ...er...bug you. There are a quadrillion, they can duplicate and live the good life elsewhere. Not the biggest Charlotte's Web fan I guess. *FAIL as MOM*

Squirrels are awful little yardrats. The invasive spider? A little bit creepy, huh? And, the fiber is gorgeous and the spinning rocks. Mohair? WOW!! Hugs, girl. Try to find the time to relax and knit a bit. You need it!

Hope you will have the best lazy needles full weekend ever! :)

Uh oh. We're all dumbasses and you're going to call us out on it.

Maybe it was a chipmunk! Why you gotta be like that with the squirrels...?

I love your pictures and focus with real color are for wusses.

Spiders are only allowed around here as long as they don't show themselves. I think that's a fair rule.

Glad that spider is DEAD.

I haven't saw a squirrel or chipmunk in over two years. I miss the little buggers. They are better than all the damn pigeons I have flocking around.

Haven't spun in two week? Clearly, you must be very ill. Shall someone call a dr.

Enjoy the lazy weekend for me.


Lovely spinning and I hope there's good tv for the plying! :D

The spider's time was numbered when it crawled up on the window. Good riddance! *shudder*

Our squirrels think the garage is THEIRS. Little bastards. Still, it's better to have them in our garage than in our house - that happened once and it wasn't fun.

Lovely fiber! We have more problems with the darned chipmunks than with the squirrels around here.

Our squirrels know better than to come near the house. O.o This is Texas and we have shotguns.

Knitting is good. Relax and enjoy. xoox

What is the saturation point for 'dumbass' these days, anyway? You could always substitute with another word (like 'squirrel', f'rinstance) and we'll know it's code.

It was amazing that you posted all of those words, and photos, and never took a breath.
My dog is trained to catch and release spiders, except she has some of the rules wrong - she catches them outside and brings them inside.
Same dog also eats the beech nuts so the chippies cannot have them.
Friendships, when they happen on the net, can be very special - ask me how I know.
Why not put your feet up and relax this weekend?

Don't let the squirrels get a foothold in your garage. They attacked a feeder in our backyard, knocked it down and broke it into 2 pieces....it scares me just a little that they are able to do that....I may need a bigger gun. Just kidding...kind of...
Incan mummy! You crack me up!
The fluff is loverly.
Enjoy the weekend...hope it's restful, relaxing with wonderful weather!

You are NOT a thousand year old Incan mummy!

I know, because I'm scared of mummies and not scared of you. But I do try not to make you mad ;)

I'd trade you the squirrel for the possums I once found in our garage. You might even be able to throw in the spider.

Squirrels and chipmunks LOVE the Peanut Butter Flavored D-con Blocks....... Ask me how I know......

The squirrels DO have a garden shed. Others may call it your garage, but the squirrels know better.

So what is the number of times that one can use "dumbass" in a post? As often as it applies.

And here it is Sunday! I have a spider story that will curl your hair, seriously!

What sort of spider was it? Looked like one of those orb types... I usually don't mind most spiders, don't necessarily want them indoors, and the nasties I want far, far away.
We had a huge preying mantis inside yesterday evening.. walking along the coffee table, I coaxed her onto the newspaper and took her out on the back patio. She was lovely. We pondered for quite some time on just how the hell she got indoors.
Dumbass, eh? Who you callin' a dumbass? ;^)
I really want to hear Margene's spider story!!!!!

Glad you got rid of the spider.

Acorns have a lovely shape, particularly when they are ceramic acorns like my new Ann Grout spindle. Squirrels, however, need to be outside a residence. If you use a trap to catch them inside you may need a person around with a strong stomach and a shovel to help you out of your mess.

No comments on the bear?!


Love the knit thingy hiding there.

You haven't spun in two weeks? Then again, you've spun enough on those three bobbins to last three months!

I will keep my thoughts about that poor, harmless, beneficial spider to myself...

The squirrels are biding their time until we let our guard down. Forget the matrix or Skynet; watch the squirrels.
Also, that bear is why I can't read your blog at home anymore.

Wow. Just wow. Please tell me that wasn't in the local Build a Bear?!?! ;-)

Beautiful spinning as always m'dear!

Poor bear. Was she acting trampy or something? Once again your spinning skills are AWESOME!

Sniff. While I am a bug lover, I am FULLY behind you on the squirrels. I keep trying to train my cat to destroy them, but she just yawns and goes back to sleep. Bastards eat all my strawberries, BEFORE they are ripe.

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