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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm behind you on this one, Babe. Waaaay behind you.

Love a good garden spider. Name her and then, she'll be your pet. If that fails, leave her alone and stay inside!!!!

What a cool photo! Love the spider on the screen. (They have to be pretty darn big to creep me out...)

Yikes! I hates spiders!

Just flick it through the screen. You'll be juuuuust fine!

Kill it with FIRE!!!!! o.0

It's hanging out for Halloween!

It looks like a big'un! It'd make a really big SPLAT if you squeeze it to death! ;) It might take a paper towel though and not just a kleenex...

ICK! Better outside and in!! I had one like that in garage for a while... haven't seen him/her in a while. Hm.

I'll stay right here and see what you do with it. :D I iz scared.

Think of all the bugs it can get rid of!

Shall I come over with a leaf blower?

OMG, it's a good spider! It's eating all those bad bugs you don't want hanging around - like M.O.T.H.S.!!!

Webster will eat it for you! He loves spiders- I think they seem more like "big game hunting" for him because of all the legs.

Is there a friendly pig out there, too?

Ick! I don't like spiders at all. At least the big ones are easier to spot.

Ew. Glad it's on the outside.

Outside is better than inside. My kids keep bringing the ones inside our house to my attention. They did capture the biggest one they've seen and put it outside. Saved me from dealing with it.

Has it moved? Could it be dead?

Give it a name and knit it a hat.



If it starts to write words in its webs, enter it in the county fair.

It's on the outside, right? Flick the screen with you fingernail and watch Ms. Spider fly.

Problem solved.

That's a creepy looking spider. Brown recluse or black widow?


I'd call in an airstrike if I we're you... That thing looks nasty! I would totally be hiding in a closet, I hate spiders!

Maybe she's one of the Moirae-

Clotho ( /ˈkloʊθoʊ/, Greek Κλωθώ [klɔːˈtʰɔː] – "spinner") spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle.


Did you check it is not a plastic one someone put there just for you? :)

Awww, it looks like a friendly old orb weaver, the kind that big beautiful huge webs and catch bugs I hate. Like mosquitoes. She's probably killing gnats and flies with extreme prejudice.
We get a bunch of those around here; I prefer them to the insects so just leave them be. Also I call the webs my natural Halloween decoration. Freaks out the trick-or-treaters, heh.


LOVE spiders! The original weavers and lace makers!
Not to mention bug killers extraordinaire. What's not to love?!

I do feel a certain relief from reading that scary monster is on the outside of the screen. Even so....*shivers*

Holy crap! That would freak me out too. I don't know if it's worse having it sit there for days, or having it sit there for days AND THEN VANISH. Where did it go? Is it going to crawl down your throat while you sleep? I spent a year and a half of my life sleeping with my head entirely underneath my covers after my sister told me that over their lifetime the average human swallows 8 pounds of bugs during their sleep. *Clearly* I my goal was to be above average.

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